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Does Ansley Burns Deserve To Be On AGT Over Charlotte Summers And Sophie Pecora?

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If there is one type of act that people really love on America’s Got Talent it’s little girl singers. The sassier the better but what if their are 3 little girl singers that are all sensational in their own way?

That’s why there was high hopes when Southern belle Ansley Burns hit the stage. But her road to the AGT semi-finals has been pretty rocky.

Simon Cowell asks Ansley Burns to sing without the background music.

The ‘AGT’ Tale of Ansley Burns And Simon Cowell

It all started with her audition. Ansley came out with her adorable look and charming southern drawl and the judges and audience fell in love with her. She started to sing Aretha Franklin’s Think, which is a pretty hard song for a kid to sing. Ansley was dancing around singing with an ability beyond her years. Then Simon stopped her. He said the backing track was overwhelming her. She got very flustered, but after a sip of Simon’s water from his Dunkin Donuts cup, she soldiered on. He had her sing the song without music and it was much better, that girl can sing. We all give her that.

12 year old Ansley Burns gets stopped by Simon Cowell TWICE.

Then during AGT Judge Cuts it happened again.

She came on to sing Good Girl and was stopped by Simon again and then made to sing without the back track. Later that night she was eliminated and it was friggin heartbreaking. She started crying and Howie felt terrible.

But you can’t keep a good Southern girl down and she returned as a wildcard. Seriously, no matter how much they try, Ansley will just not go away. Which she proved when she had to be rescued in the Dunkin Save in order to go to the Semi-Finals.

But Is Ansley Burns Being Unfair To Other AGT Contestants?

So, here is the question we want to ask all of you: Is it fair that Ansley has gotten so many chances?

Where other girls, namely Sophie Pecora and Charlotte Summers did not.

The Simon Cowell of yesteryear would have kicked her out of the competition the first time. So, many great acts have gone home that never had a flub or mishap. Is their a reason Ansley Burns has stayed because talent it is not. Is the reason because she’s a cute little girl?

Perhaps it’s that Ansley Burns is a country singer and America loves country singers?

Or is it just a question of people liking comebacks. We Americans love to root for the underdog and Ansley is certainly that.

Ansley barely made it in the AGT Quarterfinals but will she make it past this week?

Everyone has an off night, but she has had an issue with every performance she has ever delivered on AGT. Does it seem right to you that she keeps being thrown a life boat while talented singer like Charlotte and Sophie are allowed to sink?

Sophie Pecora Still Has Our Heart And Should Still Be On ‘AGT’

Kids singing covers of popular artists come dime a dozen, sorry AGT but also not sorry. Sophie was special because she did not rely on booming vocals to impress viewers. Her magic was in her lyrics, each song echoing a message that touched our heart from bullying to body image. She is empathetic, socially aware and kind at such a young age. On top of that she is a fantastic singer.

Also she is Shane Dawson’s adopted daughter and we are here for that family.

Sophie Pecora’s original song ‘Happy In LA,’ reminded us of feeling we didn’t even know we were feeling. Her leaving AGT was devastating but was it fair?

Did Ansley Make It Further Than Sophie Because Of Her Ability To Cry On Stage?

Does Ansley Burns garner a better viewership because she cries literally every time she performs (read-only because she messes up) whereas Sophie is more of a too mature for her age old soul.

Ansley performs tonight night and we will see if she can survive another round. If she does she’s seriously like a cat with nine lives. You never know who America is going to vote for and she’s certainly the kind of act America loves. I’ll be curious to see how it turns out.

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