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Derek Hough Reveals Best Way to Honor Len Goodman on ‘DWTS’

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Now that Season 32 of Dancing With the Stars has officially premiered, Derek Hough is getting more excited to pay tribute to late head judge Len Goodman. The pro-turned-judge recently shared what he thinks is the perfect way to honor the legend. He also revealed how he uses his wife’s love to reduce stress amid his “whirlwind” schedule.

Derek Hough Thrilled that DWTS will Honor Late Len Goodman

Hough couldn’t agree more when he knew that DWTS will be honoring Goodman by naming the show’s Mirrorball Trophy after him. While admitting that he’s still lonely about the original head judge’s loss, he’s already accepted that he’s already rested in peace.

“I knew Len when I was a young boy. He’s made such an impact on my life,” he said. “There’s sadness still, but it’s nice to know that I loved him enough that I really miss him.”

According to Hough, season 31 of the show allowed them to spend quality time with each other. As per the dance, he’d hang out with Goodman whenever he’d have his breaks. With memories of Goodman worth treasuring, Hough believes there’s one way to honor him best.

“Putting on a great show is the best way to honor Len,” he said.

The former head judge on Dancing with the Stars died from bone cancer in April this year. As per his manager Jackie Gill, Goodman passed away peacefully and surrounded by family at a hospice in Kent, England.

Hayley Erbert’s Love Cures His Stress Amid Symphony of Dance Tour

Declaring himself a “glutton for punishment,” Hough will travel to US cities to perform to four shows a week of Symphony of Dance. The show will begin October 2 in Salt Lake City.

The 59-city tour features complex routines by a full ensemble and backed by a live band. Amid such intricate routines and his overall grueling schedule, he cures his stress with the help of his wife, Hayley Erbert.

“If we get over-frazzled, we take a moment where we just look into each other’s eyes and say, ‘I love you,'” he said. “When I hear those words, it’s like juice; I feel unstoppable.”

As a further manifestation of love for Goodman, Symphony wraps with a tribute to the late head judge. Hough ends the show with a classic waltz with his wife to “Moon River.”

“It’s a clean, classic ballroom dance waltz. There’s no flips or tricks,” he said. “Len would love it. No riffraff, no messing about. And it brings it back to the idea of love. Because the tour fans are all Dancing fans and they all love Len. They’ve lost Len too.”

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