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Demi Lovato Says Kelly Clarkson’s Rendition of “Anyone” is a “Dream Come True”

Kelly Clarkson and Demi LovatoPhoto by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

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Kelly Clarkson has performed tons of songs on The Kelly Clarkson Show, but this one quickly caught the attention of the original singer. Demi Lovato called Kelly Clarkson covering their song “a dream come true.”

On June 22, Kelly Clarkson began her episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show out by singing “Anyone” by Demi Lovato. This track is a heart wrenching, personal tune about Lovato’s struggle with withdrawal symptoms. For those that don’t know, Lovato wrote “Anyone” four days before her near-fatal overdose in 2018.

The singer didn’t spend much time perfecting this track, yet it’s one of her most vocally challenging songs to date. Lovato embraced the emotion of the track by making sure it wasn’t overproduced. This song originally debuted on January 26, 2020. Its Grammy Award Ceremony debut was her first performance after the overdose.

Since this song is so special to Lovato and everything they’ve been through, it’s tough for cover artists to embody the emotion. We’ve seen plenty of talent show singers attempt to perfect this song in the past few years, but Clarkson takes the cake with the best rendition.


Kelly Clarkson Covers Demi Lovato’s Song “Anyone”

As soon as the music begins, it’s clear that Clarkson has the right approach, with a slightly higher note to accommodate her vocal range. She sang each line with ease, hitting the higher notes with absolute perfection. Once again Clarkson has shown off how great of a vocalist she is with this cover.

On the same day, Lovato shared a video of Clarkson’s rendition on their Instagram story. Within the caption written on the story, Lovato called the cover a dream come true, stating that they “grew up singing Kelly Clarkson and now she’s covering my song.”

From there, the singer uploaded a low resolution video of them performing a cover of Clarkson at 13 or 14 years old. In the video, they’re performing Clarkson’s 2003 track, “The Trouble With Love Is.” It’s clear that this was like a full circle moment for Lovato.

Throughout Lovato’s career, they’ve acknowledged that Clarkson is one of their biggest musical inspirations. As they gained more and more fame, they continued to share their love for Clarkson. Reportedly, when they first met, Lovato gave Clarkson three hugs. In 2011, the duo sang on stage together for the first time. After years of wanting to work together, it’s possible the day is closer than ever.

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