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Chrissy Teigen Claps Back at Plastic Surgeon Who Made a Mockery of Her Face

Chrissy Teigen at the 2022 City Harvest "Red Supper Club" Fundraising GalaPhoto by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

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Chrissy Teigen is not one to take body shaming lying down. The model and cookbook author called out a plastic surgeon who used her face as a warning to potential clients. Teigen also revealed the reason for her drastic facial change, encouraging a culture of self-acceptance and respect.

Chrissy Teigen Slams Plastic Surgeon For Body Shaming

The surgeon, who remains unidentified, shared a Reel on her practice’s Instagram page, featuring photos of Teigen with the title, “Have you seen Chrissy Teigen‘s “new” face?” In the accompanying caption, she clarified that the post was not intended to be malicious, but rather to discuss the potential consequences of excessive hyaluronic gel fillers.

The surgeon claimed that excessive reliance on these fillers could lead to a swollen and bloated appearance. She proceeded to present a side-by-side comparison of Teigen’s face, accompanied by the caption, “This is what can happen if you get too much filler.”

Teigen promptly defended herself, re-posting the video on her Instagram stories and denouncing the surgeon as “a piece of sh*t.” She pointed out that she had gained weight since the photos were taken. She also criticized the surgeon’s post as “mean-spirited” and “body-shaming.”

Although the surgeon has since removed the video, Teigen’s response has gained widespread attention. Many people have applauded her for standing up against body-shaming and expressing their support.

Teigen is Open About Her Cosmetic Procedures

Teigen has built a reputation for her unabashed honesty, particularly when it comes to discussing her experiences with cosmetic procedures. In a display of her candid nature, she disclosed in a March 2020 interview that she had undergone breast implant surgery at the age of 20.

“They’ve been great to me for many years but I’m just over it. I’d like to be able to zip a dress in my size, lay on my belly with pure comfort! No biggie! So don’t worry about me!” Teigen said.

In fact, she is knowledgeable enough about the subject that she was able to point out the surgeon’s misinformation about fillers. Qualified professionals should only administer fillers, as they can be a safe and effective means of enhancing one’s appearance.

Teigen’s response to the plastic surgeon highlights the importance of confronting body shaming and dispelling misinformation. Every individual deserves to be treated with respect, irrespective of their physical appearance.

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