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Charlie Puth Says Self-Titled Album is His ‘Most Personal Work’ To Date

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Charlie Puth is a few weeks away from releasing Charlie, his third studio album. According to the singer songwriter, the self-titled LP is his “most personal work” yet. Fans cannot wait to get their hands on this new release.

Charlie Puth Imprints Personality Into New Album

Charlie Puth describes each track of his upcoming album as “authentically representing” a piece of himself. Included in the album are his latest singles “Smells Like Me,” “Left and Right” featuring BTS Jungkook, and “I Don’t Think I Like Her.”

In an interview with Billboard, Puth talks about how he managed to inscribe his personality to Charlie.

“Maybe a cliche statement for an artist to sit on this white couch and be like, ‘Oh, this is my most personal work’,” he said. “But it is for me because I’ve never had an entire body of work that was my personality with some melody attached to it.”

Before the singer decided to be personal with his music, Puth explained that he has always felt like the artist who “you just hear on the radio or you listen to wherever you listen to music.”

Consequently, he made Charlie to scratch that image of him. He’s hoping the new release will help fans understand him on a personal level.

“No one’s ever cared about my personal life so I’m exacerbating that,” he said. “I’m taking the sandpaper and I’m rubbing the wood [laughs] That’s a weird analogy.”

He Created Most of Charlie on TikTok

Puth’s creative process of making the album was not hidden from fans. TikTok has been his outlet for transparency throughout the creation of this album. This is where he shows fans snippets of his forthcoming music and even breakdowns along the way.

“I want people to be familiar with these songs, like they’ve heard them before, because they have heard them before,” he said.

Puth stated that he made most of Charlie on TikTok. Additionally, his goal is for everyone to know every song title ahead of the album’s official release.

The artist has a clear mindset of not putting too much pressure in making new music. In fact, Puth said that he never thinks about topping his latest tracks when putting out new ones. He focuses more on creating songs that could be different from his works before.

“Any song that I put out, I never think about, ‘Oh, well I have to top this one.’ I think about, ‘How different of a song can I follow this up with?'”

Puth’s newest album, Charlie, is set to release on Friday, October 7. Alongside the album, Puth has launched his One Night Only Tour, beginning on October 23. Fans that pre-save his album will have access to the tour’s upcoming pre-sale.

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