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Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes’ Rekindled Romance Has Officially Ended After it Was Reportedly “Very Serious”

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello at the 2021 Met GalaFilmMagic

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Love was in the air once again for Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, but unfortunately the two have decided to split paths once again. After reuniting with a passionate makeout session at Coachella, the couple chose to try it again. During their time together for the past six weeks, the couple’s relationship had reportedly reached a new level of seriousness, like never before.

Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes Split After Six Weeks

After spending nearly six weeks together after their Coachella reunion, sources close to Cabello and Mendes confirmed that the pair is no longer together. They were last seen together at a recent Taylor Swift Eras Tour concert at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey. Although the couple was seen getting cozy at the concert, sources close to them admitted that “they tested the waters again after coming back into each other’s lives.”

“It was just a fling and they’ve put an end to it now,” The Sun insider added. “They realized it was probably a mistake to give things another shot. Things ended between them the first time for a reason, after all.”

The source continued, by stating that Cabello and Mendes “know they aren’t right for each other romantically.” So now, they “just want to move on.”

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They Were Reportedly Been Very Serious

According to sources, Mendes and Cabello had practically become inseparable ahead of their split. Even the they both kept their own places, they were spending every available moment together. They had also even traveled various places together.

“They’ve practically moved in with each other. They’re spending every day they can together and traveling together,” the source said.

At the time, the source revealed that their feelings for each other came flooding back after their reunion, and were reluctant to be apart from one another. Apparently, this newfound intensity and commitment have brought about significant changes in their relationship dynamics.

Even though the same insider revealed that Cabello and Mendes were ready to be in the spotlight together again, the dynamic has changed. Fans were excited to see the couple grace red carpets and attend events together, like they did in the early stages of their relationship.

Their Past as a Couple, When They First Called it Quits

Let’s rewind a bit and recall that Mendes and Cabello announced their breakup in November of 2021. In a joint statement posted on Instagram, they expressed their decision to end their romantic relationship but emphasized that their love and friendship remained unwavering.

However, the turn of events at Coachella seemed to have changed everything. Cabello dropped a tantalizing snippet of a new song, featuring intriguing lyrics that hint at the depth of their renewed connection.

The lyrics go as follows: “How come you’re just so much better, Is this going to end ever?” They then continue: “Are you coming to Coachella? If you don’t, it’s whatever. If you do, honey, it’ll be all I think about.”

These lyrics have surely captured the attention of fans and ignited curiosity about the status of Mendes and Cabello’s relationship. With their public displays of affection and their unwavering dedication to spending time together, it’s safe to say that their love story has taken an exciting turn.

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Ms. Pink 13
Ms. Pink 13
11 months ago

No disrespect but, zI think Shawn is soon coming out of the closet

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