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Blake Shelton Eliminates 17-Year-Old Carson Peters From ‘The Voice’

Corey Cesare

Corey Cesare

The Voice Carson PetersGreg Gayne/NBC

And the winner of this knockout is… the most shocking decision yet on The Voice season 21. 17-year-old Carson Peters was shockingly eliminated after his knockout performance against Lana Scott. After a brief moment of silence, Shelton announced Lana as the winner of the knockout.

Before the singers took to the stage, we were able to see a long clip from their coaching sessions. Within the sessions it was obvious that Shelton had quickly become friends with mega mentor Ed Sheeran. They talked music, high school nicknames and expanded what a fiddle actually is. Sheeran even admitted that he discovered country music when he came over to the United States. He noted that they don’t really have country music in the United Kingdom. The mega mentor also noted his knowledge of the show by stating that country singers have been the most successful from The Voice.

Within the coaching sessions we saw Carson Peters and Lana Scott choose their songs for the upcoming knockout battle. Carson chose to sing a George Strait song, while Lana chose to sing a Taylor Swift song. Lana chose to sing the song based off of her recent break up, when Carson sang his song based off of a song he’s loved for a long time. Carson was taking his already great act up a notch by bringing a fiddle on stage for this performance. Up to this point we had only seen the singer with a guitar on stage.

Blake Shelton Shockingly Eliminates Four-Chair Turn Recipient Carson Peters

Lana went first in the knockout, she sang “Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift which was extremely different for this singer. Up until this point we saw her singing purely country music, so it was alarming to hear her sing a more pop based tune. It wasn’t bad at all, just felt extremely risky.

Carson came on the stage and once again entertained in the way he received a four-chair turn for. Even though he kept everyone on the toes with his fiddle, he didn’t do as well as he had in other rounds. No one expected Shelton to make the decision he did, the other coaches were even surprised! After contemplating for a minute, Shelton decided that Carson was the weakest of the two singers.

It’s extremely sad to see this singer out of the competition. Luckily, Carson still has a lot ahead of him in his career. He’s one of the younger singers to make it this far in the competition this season, and there’s a reason for that. He definitely has a huge career ahead of him given time.

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