‘BGT’s Bars and Melody Face Backlash for New Music in 2021

Corey Cesare
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If you’re a Britain’s Got Talent superfan, you’ll be happy to hear that iconic duo Bars and Melody is still together in 2021. Bars and Melody have released a brand new song and honestly I can’t stop listening to it. This singing duo has really found their own sound.

Bars and Melody Premiere Music Video for “Bali”

You might remember them as the two boys who sang and rapped about bullying on Britain’s Got Talent, but they look and sound a bit different now. These boys are now in their twenties and are quite literally making a genre of their own. Their newest song is a mix between rap and electronic dance music. This song is extremely catchy!

If you haven’t seen them in a while, Charlie Lenehan and Leondre Devries may look a bit different. They now look their age and have a very different style than they did in 2013. It’s very clear that as time went on, these singers managed to find themselves and the music they want to sing.

Lenehan is now seen with a full chest of tattoos, while Devries wears his shoulder length hair in braids. This duo still has plenty of fans from their time on Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent: The Champions. Under all of their recent songs fans still remind them of their days on the show. Even though these comments are usually positive, sometimes they can take a turn for the worse.

It’s obvious these guys have molded into their adult selves and have begun performing the music they want to be known for. But, some fans still comment, wishing they had kept their tonality and look from their BGT days.

“Boys who had nothing, they were teased, singing from the heart, sweet, appreciating every kind word, turned into rich people, famous, I don’t even hear their voices through the autotune anymore, I miss the old BAM” said one fan in YouTube comments.

I don’t disagree with the fact that Bars and Melody seem to use a lot of autotune now. But, it’s clear that the autotuned sound is what they’re going for. It’s obvious that they love the music they’re performing and that they are not longer children so they aren’t going to sound, or look like it. They’ve grown up and moved on from their childhood music.

A Brief History of Their Time on Talent Shows

I’m sure you remember these brothers from their season of Britain’s Got Talent. They are arguably one of the most popular golden buzzer acts EVER to exist on BGT. Bars and Melody took to the stage and sang an original song about bullying based off of Twista and Faith Evans’s song “Hope.”

This duo went on to place third in season eight of BGT. It may come as a surprise to some that Bars and Melody was not a duo until a month before their audition. They originally met on social media in September 2013. They didn’t start performing together until January 2014 and eventually went on to audition in February 2014.

Even though Bars and Melody didn’t win the show, their audition has gone totally viral. In 2021 their audition video has over 237 million views on YouTube. Their anti-bullying anthem truly changed the lives of the people at heard it.

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