‘BGT’ Semifinals: Acrobatic Dance Crew Blows The Judges Away [VIDEO]

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BGT returned on Saturday night with the third episode of the semifinals, as eight acts performed for the chance to make it to the Season 14 finals. Out of those acts, the judges chose one act from the night to go to the finals, while the audience will vote for the second act to move on.

Since Simon Cowell is still recovering from back surgery, former Britain’s Got Talent winner Ashley Banjo once again filled in as a guest judge. The audience, meanwhile, was made up of people watching virtually from their homes.


The night was jam-packed with amazing act, including X1X Crew, a dance group from India who blew the judges away. But was it enough to get to the finals? Check out the night’s performances below, and read on to find out the results.

Watch The ‘BGT’ Semifinals Performances

Myra Dubois

This drag queen comedian invited judge Amanda Holden on stage to sing a duet, with a hilarious lead-in. Alesha Dixon said she was hoping Myra would be more “outrageous” this time, but she still loved the performance. Ashley Banjo said he thought her original audition was funnier.

Magical Bones

This magician continued to tell the story of Henry Box Brown, who had himself mailed in a crate to escape slavery. Tonight, he made his girlfriend appear out of nowhere on stage. Alesha said he separates himself from other magicians who’ve been on the show. Amanda said she “died of joy,” calling his act “slick” and “professional.” David said it’s one of the “best-presented” magic acts he’s seen.

Ember Trio

These three violin and cello players returned to the BGT stage to perform a medley of popular songs by Destiny’s Child, Eminem, and more. Amanda called them “epic,” and Ashley said he wanted to dance on stage with them. Alesha said they “smashed it.”

Sign Along With Us

David Walliams hit the Golden Buzzer for this choir who uses sign language as they sing. Only some of the members were able to appear in person this week due to social distancing. They performed “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper. David called it “emotional” and “beautiful,” praising their song choice. Alesha said they made her smile.


Dario the Dinosaur

This musician dresses as a dinosaur and plays the keyboard. He returned for a dramatic performance with backup dancers. Both Alesha and David buzzed the performance, with David calling it “the worst act” in BGT history. But Ashley said he didn’t think it was “the worst act, if that’s a compliment.”

Sirine Jahangir

This teenage singer and pianist is blind. This week, she performed “Carry You” by Ruelle. Sirine started crying at the end, and the judges gave her a standing ovation. Ashley called it “magical,” saying he was “transported.” Alesha said she “couldn’t have done a better job.”

X1X Crew

This 22-member group from Mumbai returned to the show with a prerecorded performance from India. At one point, they created a tower of dancers. David marveled at how dangerous their act is. Amanda said it worked in their favor that they were able to perform in such a large space. Ashley called them “exceptional.”

Bhim Niroula

This singer performed an original song called “Sunday Morning Love You” for his partner in the auditions. He returned this week with a remix of the song. Amanda buzzed the performance, saying he was “out of tune.” Ashley agreed that it was “painful” to listen to at times. David described the song as a “banger.”

‘BGT’ Results: Who’s Going To The Finals?

The judges were tasked with choosing their top three performances of the night, and then voted on which act should move on to the finals. The top three were Magical Bones, X1X Crew, and Sirine Jahangir. The judges voted to send Magical Bones through to the finals.

The remaining seven acts are up for public vote until Monday, and we’ll find out who went through at the BGT final in October. Let us know in the comments which act was your favorite!

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