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Are ‘American Idol’ Stars Noah Thompson, HunterGirl Releasing a Song Together?

Noah Thompson and HunterGirl on 'American Idol''American Idol' via ABC

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Winner and runner-up of American Idol season 20, Noah Thompson and HunterGirl are teasing a potential duet. The two BFFs revealed the possible duet in the midst of their co-headlining tour. Inseparable is an understatement when it comes to these two performing on stage, sparking dating rumors from fans.

A Duet May Be in The Works

American Idol fans may finally be able hear their season 20 top two singers together in an unreleased track. The two, Noah Thompson and HunterGirl have recently teased that a collaboration may be in the works, amid their co-headlining tour. This tour kicked off on October 27 and there’s no denying that these besties love to work together.

“We just both are so grateful that we get to go on tour and do that,” Thompson said. “There’s no other person I want to do that with than Hunter. We became best friends on that show and we’re going to just have a blast out on the road together.”

On the tour, the Idol alums typically sing their own tracks on stage. The only thing missing from their tour is a piece featuring both singers. Since they’re both country artists, it’s entirely possible for this to happen. Luckily, the singers didn’t deny the possibility of a collaboration, in fact they practically teased one.

“You know, going on this tour and getting to play all of our songs together, I think we could definitely come out maybe with a duet in the future. Definite possibility,” HunterGirl said.

Are HunterGirl and Noah Thompson Dating?

Ahead of the two singers launching a joint tour together, fans have speculated that the two have taken the next step in their friendship, possibly becoming more than just friends. However, HunterGirl has directly acknowledged the rumor, denying their relationship.

“People are always going to say something,” HunterGirl said. “It’s so different than what you think it is whenever you’re watching it, because we were all just so close. I’m lucky to have a friend that understands what everybody’s going through.”

HunterGirl makes it clear that there are nothing but platonic feelings between herself and Thompson. When it comes to touring though, their teamwork in entertaining and performing is unmatched. Moving on from their American Idol days, their lives have been an “amazing and crazy” ride, according to HunterGirl.

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