Anonymous Returns To Support Black Lives Matter & Speaks Out About Jeffrey Epstein Case

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You probably are wondering who Anonymous is. Well, nobody knows. But the group of activists made a shocking return to social media after George Floyd’s death to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Anonymous posted a video saying they would expose celebrities and world leaders if there was no justice for Floyd’s death.

It’s been three years since the group made any waves on social media. In the past, this group has spoken about police brutality after the deaths of Michael Brown and in support of the Ferguson protests.

Anonymous Took Down Several Law Enforcement Websites

In a Facebook video, Anonymous accused the Minneapolis police of having a “horrific track record of violence and corruption.” This led to the group taking down the Minneapolis Police Departement website over the weekend. Floyd’s killer Derek Chauvin was a part of this police department which sparked national outrage after he was not immediately arrested for murder. Not to mention, Anonymous also took down the Chicago PD website after videos surfaced of protests in Chicago turning violent. Along with this they also hacked into Chicago police scanners so that the song “F*ck the Police” by NWA continued to play on loop.

The group also threatened to take down any other website of any government organization that served as a threat to protesters.

The Hacktivist Group Allegedly Has Information On The Epstein Case

One thing that Anonymous talked a lot about over the weekend is the Jeffrey Epstein child trafficking network. The man in the mask alleges that celebrities like Naomi Campbell,  Ivanka and Ivana Trump, Will Smith, Mick Jagger, and hundreds of others had involvement in this operation. The group alleges that these celebrities all attended parties thrown by Epstein to recruit children for the trafficking network. In a series of now-deleted tweets, the Anonymous Twitter page posted about this suspected celebrity involvement along with several private documents.


The group also had some choice words for President Donald Trump. It released documents that claim he was involved in several rape lawsuits and affidavits with underaged people. As per anonymous, the President has several criminal cases that were swept under the rug, but are the reason why he is being blackmailed by Russia. In one tweet, Anonymous says that Trump had Epstein killed to hide these crimes. But that’s not all. When one Twitter user asked the account to expose Princess Diana’s death, the account tweeted that she was killed by her royal in-laws. Anonymous said Diana knew all about the Epstein child trafficking ring and was recording testimonies to expose it eventually. The group maintains that there is a tape out there of a victim giving their testimony that was last in possession of Diana’s former butler.

The group continues to retweet videos from protests taking place all over the country to raise awareness for police brutality plaguing the black community.

One recent video retweeted by the page shows police officers destroying a stash of water that was left for protesters.


But as the group continues to tweet, several of the tweets seem to disappear or get deleted. This has been raising a lot of eyebrows over the past few days.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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