‘America’s Got Talent’ Auditions Week 6 Recap

Julia Delbel
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America’s Got Talent Season 13 auditions are now over, and next week we’ll be moving on to the Judge Cuts round. Let’s see if the round finished strong with this final group of hopefuls!

Hamster Wheel

This trio created a very special machine involving a phone call, PLINKO-like ball setup, windchimes that played the AGT theme song, microphone, glass, balloons, and a “Golden Buzzer”. Simon, Howie, and Mel B sent them through, but to be honest, I don’t understand how it qualifies as an act for a talent show, even though I enjoyed the display.


It was initially unclear what this 13-year-old from New Hampshire would do once he got onstage, but he surprised everyone with an original rap song about his love of performing. He showed lots of confidence during his performance, and the judges all sent him forward.

Sergey and Sasha

This father-daughter acrobatic duo performed a dangerous routine involving a lot of balancing and spinning. The judges were “traumatized, but in a really really good way”, and unanimously sent them through. These two are off too a good start, and with their sweet family dynamic and strong ability to entertain, I think they could stick around for awhile if they can keep upping the risk factor.

Angel City Chorale

After a suspenseful intro, consisting of the choir and audience simulating the sound of thunder and lighting, the group broke into a joyful performance of “Africa”. We’ve had more technical and polished choirs on the show in the past, but this group sounded great together in more of a homegrown, feel-good way. The judges loved them and gave them four yeses!

Oliver Graves

Oliver rocked an emo vibe as he came out to deliver some deadpan comedy for his audition. The judges found it refreshing, and all voted for him to move on.

Angel Garcia

Angel is a 12-year-old singer from Los Angeles and performed “El Triste” for his audition. His vocal quality was something I would expect for someone much older than him, but unlike Howie and Simon I didn’t experience that disconnect between Angel’s age and voice; there was just enough of a youthful quality to it for me. Howie ended up saying no, but the other three judges sent him forward in the competition.

Oscar and Pam

Pam once discovered her dog, Oscar, crooning along to the music as she played the piano in her living room. As Pam played on the AGT stage, Oscar (who remained surprisingly calm for the entire audition) howled along, staying on key even as it changed throughout the performance. Simon and Howie were immediately on board, but Heidi wasn’t impressed and said no. Mel was on the fence, but the audience managed to convince her to send the duo through!

Hunter Price

Hunter started by singing “Everything I Do” while playing his guitar. Simon quickly stopped him and asked if he could sing an original song, which he did. While I did think he sounded better the second time, I agreed with Howie that he still seemed somewhat closed off, and the whole thing was just forgettable to me. However, the other judges all voted to send him forward, which meant Hunter advanced.

Blue Tokyo

The athleticism and synchronicity of this acro-dance group was off the charts! The performance was all over the place in the best of ways, with lots of different tricks and props involved to show off a variety of talents. I don’t think I’m doing it justice, just watch the clip if you haven’t yet! (And yes, they were unanimously sent through!)

Makayla Phillips

As soon as Makaya started singing, I though to myself “Wow, she’s incredible and would be perfect for The Voice. Why is she on AGT?” I guess it kind of makes sense since she’s a superfan of the show, but I always prefer seeing the powerhouse pop singers on shows that are specially designed to nurture their talents. I think Makayla is going to do pretty well  here on AGT though, since Heidi hit the Golden Buzzer for her which will keep her in people’s minds going forward.

That marks the end of Season 13 auditions. Going into Judge Cuts we’ll see which acts can step up their game and who’s already reached their limit. I’d also like to note that this marks the third season in which all four judges hit the Golden Buzzer for a solo singer, so I’m really hoping to see the celebrity guests come through for the variety acts. But before we see what happens next, AGT will air a “Best of Auditions” special tomorrow night, which might give us some more clues as to who might be going far in the competition.

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