‘American Idol’ Final Judgment: Meet The Top 24

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And now there were 24, at least after last night’s battle between singers, friends, and lovers. American Idol hit the gas as they began seriously whittling away to leave only the best singers. It’s called the Final Judgement, which is a little Biblical, but whatever. It started on Sunday when they let go a lot of the people who were struggling, but now it gets serious.

Layla Spring

We all remember Layla auditioning with her adorable little sister Dyxie. Now she’s flying solo and tearing up Proud Mary, which is not an easy song for someone so young. She, of course, got into the top 24.

Michael J. Woodard

I think it’s always brave when a man sings a song meant for a woman, because it’s friggin’ hard to do. He sang Alanis Morisette’s You Outta Know and annihilated it. He easily got a pass to the top 24.

Trevor Holmes

The fake love triangle comes to an end after Trevor couldn’t deliver on Niall Horan’s Slow Hands. He’s a good singer but I’m glad he’s gone in the sense that Katy Perry’s flirting was making me uncomfortable.

Gabby Barrett

She sang Carrie Underwood’s Church Bells against the judge’s advice and almost didn’t make it through. Katy doubts that she’s ready but Lionel and Luke believed otherwise and Gabby got through to the top 24.

Thaddeus Johnson

Oh, Thaddeus. This one baffled me. I thought he did a spectacular rendition of the Jill Scott song Hate On Me, but the judges thought differently. For the second time Thaddeus was sent home.

DominiqueRon BultongezTrevor McBaneMaddie PoppeMichelle SussettTrevor McBane, Alyssa Raghu.

They love their montages on this series, mainly because they have too many damn contestants. All of the above got through including our girl Alyssa and Maddie.

Milo SposatoBritney HolmesLes Greene, and William Casanova.

They were not so lucky. They are good, but this is American Idol and good isn’t going to cut it.


Jurnee is amazing and there was no doubt in my mind that not only is she going into the top 24 but she might be in the top ten, don’t you think?

Shannon O’Hara

It’s ballsy enough for her to do a Katy Perry song in front of Katy Perry, but she really brought the fire. Shannon is definitely one to watch out for. She made it in.

Amelia Hammer Harris, Brandon Diaz, and Kay Kay

They also make it through with the power of the montage.

Noah Davis

OK, this one broke my heart. We all love Noah and his alpaca obsession and he introduced us to the word ‘wig’. Alas, his Lady Gaga cover was not that great and he was sent home but vowed to return. I hope he does.

Victoria McQueen, Carly Moffa, Samothias, Lee Vasi, and Harper Grace

They were all let go, even Victoria McQueen the American Idol baby. Muy sad.

Ada Vox

OK, Ada is one of my favorite singers in this competition and she sang Creep by Radiohead, my all time favorite band. She faces the judgement as her male persona Adam Sanders. There was no way she wasn’t getting through.

Jonny Brenns

Now we’re talking. Jonny does Sam Smith’s Lay Me Down and absolutely destroys it, in a good way. There was no way he wasn’t getting through to the top 24. NO WAY.

Mara Justine

The problem with Mara is that she’s doing too much and she’s making up for taking on an Etta James song that’s too much for her with tricks. They let her through but told her to tone it way down.

Caleb Lee Hutchinson

Caleb is THE country guy on the show right now, the real stand-out, I think. He made it through easily.

Laine Hardy and Garrett Jacobs

They had these two country boys duke it out and my boy Laine was sent home. He’s a little young and inexperienced but he’s soooo talented.

Cade Foehner

All this love song singing is great and all but I want a rock god to emerge from this show like Chloe Kohanski from The Voice. Cade may be that guy.

Maddie Zahn and Effie Passero

They have these two incredible singers go against each other and Effie takes the lead with her rendition of Garth Brooks’ The Dance, also known as the song a young Jack danced to in high school at every school dance back in Texas.

Dennis Lorenzo and Marcio Donaldson

How could you possibly pick after those two great performances? They didn’t and both of them move forward in the top 24.

Next week we are going down to 14. Who do you think will make it through?

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