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‘AGT’s Sweetheart Jackie Evancho Sheds Her Child Star Mold

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Jackie Evancho was runner up in the season 5 in America’s Got Talent and she proved that you don’t need to win the show to still have a successful career. This girl did so much at such a young age, but in the past few years she’s trying to shed her old career and begin anew.

If you don’t remember, Evancho made it onto Season 5 of AGT as the 2010 YouTube competition winner. America loved her and was absolutely shocked when she didn’t win the show. After the show, she went on to release her first EP, “O Holy Night,” which paved her way on the Billboard Chart. This EP made her the top-selling debut artist for 2010, crowned her as the youngest solo artist ever to debut in the top 10, and helped her become the youngest solo artist ever to go platinum in the U.S.

Jackie Was Diagnosed With an Eating Disorder at Age 17

At 17, Jackie was diagnosed with anorexia, but said she had been struggling with it since she was 15 in a 2019 interview. This was her first ever time being publicly open about her struggles. She talked about having a hard time with her body image during this time. She saw herself as only her young self, which can be extremely deteriorating.


In the interview, Jackie discussed how her body made her feel upset, to the point that she would go days without eating. Sometimes, she couldn’t even look in the mirror.

During this time, she released her eighth album that featured 21st century and Broadway music. A bit of a change from her classical past, but was her eighth consecutive album to place on the Billboard Classical Albums chart.

The New Jackie Evancho

In 2020, she participated in the third season of The Masked Singer as Kitty. This was the beginning of the new Jackie. She considered this experience as the time where she finally got to be a 20-year-old.

Jackie picked her Kitty costume because she felt it was sexy. She no longer wanted to be seen as angelic, conservative, and modest. Even though she is those things, she claimed you have to go to the extreme to prove your point.

This former child star was on cloud nine when she was able to begin a new career. She considered it to be a great experience for her because she was able to wipe her history clean. On this show, she got to sing how she wanted and even learned how to dance while singing.

What is Jackie Evancho Up To Now?

Right now, it seems like Jackie is taking a break from social media. Although she shared that she’s working on an album that will be released in 2021, it hasn’t dropped yet. Fans have absolutely no idea when this album will be released.

Whenever the album comes out, we’ll be ready for it. I can’t wait to see Jackie’s continued growth as a musician and person. Will her musical talents continue to evolve, or will she continue to flaunt her skills on Broadway tunes?

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