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‘AGT’ Star Darci Lynne Farmer Shines in Netflix’s ‘A Cowgirl’s Song’

Savannah Lee May and Darci Lynne Farmer in 'A Cowgirl's Song'Photo courtesy of Samuel Goldwyn Films

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America’s Got Talent star Darci Lynne Farmer appears in her first acting role in the new Netflix film, A Cowgirl’s Song. The ventriloquist stars in the film alongside Julie and The Phantoms star, Savannah Lee May.

Disclaimer: this review discusses each aspect of the storyline. Some portions of this review may spoil the film for some viewers.

Darci Lynne Makes Her Acting Debut in Netflix Film A Cowgirl’s Song

This film is about sisters Hailey (Savannah Lee May) and Brooke May (Darci Lynne Farmer) and their attempt to bail their father out of jail. In an attempt to visit their father, the girls leave home on their horse and buggy. After seeing their father, they learn that his bail is $50,000. The hefty price leads to the girls extended stay with their widowed grandmother. Since the girls love to sing, it’s only right that their grandmother is introduced as a country music legend.

Aside from the incarcerated father storyline, there’s various other storylines including Hailey’s singing career, various love stories, and more. The whole movie almost shifts from being focused on the dad’s incarceration to being focused on the girls overcoming their fears. Hailey has to overcome her fear of stage fright, while Brooke has to overcome her fear of barrel racing following her injury.

This movie definitely doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its music. There are tons of songs featuring the lead actresses, a few solo tracks, and more. Unfortunately, the America’s Got Talent alum isn’t always seen singing in this film, since her character isn’t trying to pursue the career. Nonetheless, Savannah Lee May puts on a great performance in this film.


Even though the grandmother is cited as a country music legend, she’s never really apart of Hailey’s musical journey. Near the end, her grandmother decides to come out of retirement to raise money for the $50,000 bail. The characters go through other hardships before the film ends happily.

Our Overall Review of the Film

Overall, I thought this film was a cute story about family, passion, and overcoming fears. I could definitely see this film airing on either the Hallmark or Lifetime channels, since it’s mostly a “feel good” movie. This was a great film for Darci Lynne to break into the acting scene with. Although she definitely was more of a supporting actress, she shined in the film.

When it came to the film itself, a lot went on. The overall plot line featured the girl’s desire to bail their father out of jail, but sometimes it felt like that wasn’t their priority anymore. I’m glad it all came together in the end, but there were points that it felt like it wasn’t going to. Nonetheless, I would recommend A Cowgirl’s Song to anyone who’s in need of a feel good movie.

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