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‘AGT: Extreme’ Continues Filming this Month, Here’s How Fans Can Attend

America's Got Talent ExtremeEliza Morse/NBC

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AGT: Extreme will resume filming after a hiatus following an on set accident. Production of this series paused in October 2021 following Jonathan Goodwin‘s on-set accident. Filming will resume on Wednesday, January 5 and will conclude on January 13.

AGT: Extreme is a spin-off of the popular series America’s Got Talent. Much like AGT, AGT: Extreme sets to bring talented people to their stage for the chance of winning a cash prize. The difference between the two series is that AGT: Extreme features only daredevil and danger acts.

Filming of AGT: Extreme began in October but was quickly halted after Jonathan Goodwin’s life changing accident. His act went terribly wrong during a on-set rehearsal. He was suspended in the air by his feet and was unable to land his trick safely. Instead, he ended up sandwiched between two cars that had lit on fire. He suffered multiple injuries including broken bones. He remains hospitalized following his injuries.

AGT: Extreme Finds a New Home in California

This new series was originally filmed in October at the Atlanta Motor Speedway but has instead found a new home months later. In early January the series will resume filming at the Irwindale Speedway in California. There could be a lot of reasons for this location change, but I simply think it’s due to the fact that America’s Got Talent will most likely begin filming auditions soon and Cowell wanted to stay in the same state.

Audience tickets are now available for those who have full vaccination status. Even though this event is located outside, you must be fully vaccinated for at least two weeks prior to the date on your ticket. On top of checking vaccination status, the show has shared that there will be a health questionnaire and temperature check upon arrival. Masks must be worn for the duration of filming.

What Do We Already Know About AGT: Extreme?

There is still a lot up in the air about AGT: Extreme, but our questions are slowly becoming answered. NBC has shared that this series is apart of their anticipated lineup following the Winter Olympics in late February. I expect an announcement including a premiere date once filming is over.

Other than Goodwin, fans of AGT are still in the dark about the acts competing in the series. Since learning about Goodwin’s participation in the series, It’s obvious that previous acts were invited for the spin-off. Many fans theorize that Deadly Games will be a part of this series following an Instagram tagging the Atlanta Motor Speedway. As of right now it is unknown if Deadly Games is actually competing, or just happened to be on the set.

Sitting at the celebrity judging panel for this series is Simon Cowell, WWE veteran Nikki Bella, and X Games Medalist Travis Pastrana. Recent America’s Got Talent host Terry Crews is also apart of the spin-off series. Although this series has taken a while to film, I’m just as excited to see it on air. I think NBC seems serious about airing this series in February even after Goodwin’s accident, but I would totally understand if it never actually airs. It’s a tough decision on the side of the network considering the injury. I think time will only tell if this series actually airs, or not.

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