‘AGT Champions’ Semifinals: The Results Will Shock You!

Jill O'Rourke
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Marcelito Pomoy performs in the "AGT Champions" semifinalsNBC

AGT: The Champions Season 2 continued on Monday night, as 12 acts competed in the semifinals. The contestants were challenged to step things up from their preliminary performances. Some of them did, and some of them didn’t.


Four Golden Buzzer acts have already moved on to the finals. Six of tonight’s acts were chosen by the superfans and the judges to join them. Check out all of the night’s performances below. The results may surprise you.

The ‘AGT: Champions’ Semifinals Acts

JJ Pantano

This 7-year-old comedian from Australia’s Got Talent was voted through last week in the Judges’ Choice after roasting all of them. Tonight, he flirted with Heidi Klum, continued to compare Alesha Dixon to Alicia Keys, and poked even more fun at Simon Cowell’s face. “Why is it I love you insulting me?” Simon wondered.


Tyler Butler-Figueroa

This young violinist and cancer survivor was a finalist on AGT last year. The superfans voted him through in the preliminaries. Tonight, he performed an emotional rendition of “What a Wonderful World,” accompanied by a vocalist. Alesha said she liked seeing another side to him, and Howie called it “captivating.”

Marc Spelmann

This masked magician from Britain’s Got Talent was voted through to the semifinals by the superfans. Tonight, he blindfolded Terry Crews and seemed to read his mind. There was even a cameo from Terry’s wife Rebecca. Heidi said this performance “wasn’t as special” as his first performance. Simon agreed that it wasn’t as good.

Duo Destiny

These Poland’s Got Talent winners brought their hand balancing act to AGT: Champions and were voted through by the superfans. Tonight, they showed off some impressive and dangerous moves. Howie questioned whether it was different enough from their first performance, but the other judges disagreed.


This former AGT accordion player earned the Judges’ Choice to go to the semifinals, thanks to Heidi and Howie. Tonight, he delivered a campaign speech before performing “Bang Bang” and ending things with a split. Howie suggested he could run for president. Heidi got so excited that she accidentally buzzed him. Even Simon loved it!

Dania Diaz

This magician from Spain’s Got Talent won the superfans’ vote after her deeply personal card trick in the first round. This time, she started by taking a selfie with the judges. After performing a few tricks, she revealed that the photo contained a card chosen at random by Alesha. The judges praised her, with Howie calling it “one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.”

Duo Transcend

These former AGT finalists were voted through by the superfans. They vowed to prove themselves worthy, and they definitely did so. Their performance to “The Greatest Show” involved a dangerous roller skating routine. Alesha said she “didn’t want it to end,” and Simon praised the theming.

Strauss Serpent

This contortionist from Africa’s Got Talent was voted through by the superfans. Tonight, he made the audience gasp with his frightening movements. Heidi called it one of her favorite acts, saying it was “hypnotic” to watch. However, Simon said he didn’t get the same “wow factor” this time.

Ryan Niemiller

This comedian came in third place last season, and earned the Judges’ Choice to go to the Champions semifinals. Tonight, he shared some jokes about growing up with a disability. Heidi said she thought he was funnier last time, and Simon agreed, saying it “didn’t feel as fresh.”

Alexa Lauenburger

This 11-year-old dog trainer from Germany’s Got Talent earned the Judges’ Choice to go to the semifinals. In her latest performance, her dogs danced and jumped over each other. Alesha said she “will never get bored of this act.” Howie and Simon called it the best dog act they’ve ever seen.

Sandou Trio Russian Bar

This former AGT act earned redemption from the superfans last week. Tonight, they stepped up the danger by performing with fire. Alesha said they upped their game and called it a “spectacle.” Simon praised their presentation and predicted they would make it to the finals.

Marcelito Pomoy

This Filipino singer wowed the superfans with his ability to duet with himself in both male and female voices. Tonight, he performed “Time to Say Goodbye,” and earned a standing ovation from the judges. Howie said he has the “best shot” to win the competition. Heidi said he’s her favorite contestant.


The Semifinals Results

Tonight, the superfans voted to send Hans, Tyler Butler-Figueroa, Marcelito Pomoy, Alexa Lauenburger, and Sandou Trio Russian Bar through to the finals. The Judges’ Choice came down to Duo Transcend and Duo Destiny. They chose to send Duo Transcend through to the finals.

What do you think about the results? Are you surprised that Hans made it through to the finals? Would you have also chosen Duo Transcend over Duo Destiny? Let us know in the comments.

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