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‘AGT’ Acts That Aren’t Olympic Sports, But Feel Like Olympic Sports

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The Tokyo Olympics are well on their way, and that means America’s Got Talent will be off the air for two weeks ahead of the live shows. As we all sit, mostly on sofas, watching the Olympic Games. ESPN asked fans to think of things that aren’t Olympic sports, but feel like Olympic sports. It got us thinking about AGT acts that aren’t Olympic sports, but definitely feel like it.

‘America’s Got Talent’ Acts That Should Be Olympic Events

We’ve seen some seriously impressive talents on AGT over the years, and we can totally picture some of them going for the gold. Maybe at some point in the future, there will be a place for these acts on the Olympic stage.

1. Contortion

Olympic gymnasts show off some impressive flexibility, but why not take it a step further and allow people to showcase the kind of contortion that makes the judges gasp and wonder how in the world someone could move their body that way. Examples include Marina Mazepa, the Bonebreakers, and this season’s contestant Dflex.

2. Foot Archery

This ties in with contortion, but considering archery is a sport all its own, why not show off some unconventional ways of doing it? Sofie Dossi is the act that immediately comes to mind when talking about shooting arrows with one’s feet. She even did it with a flaming arrow while blindfolded! If that’s not worth a gold medal, we’re not sure what is.


3. Aerial Arts

Olympic gymnasts perform plenty of flips, and winter Olympians get a lot of air, but what about those performers who do their best moves hanging from the ceiling? Examples include the amazing married couple Duo Transcend, aerial silks performer Alan Silva, and this season’s Danila Bim, who hangs by her hair.

4. Unicycling

There’s plenty of cycling at the Olympics, but what about the kind with just one wheel? We saw Wesley Williams show off some death-defying moves on AGT last season, and this year we’ve been introduced to UniCircle Flow. The group from Japan performed a dance routine on unicycles like we’ve never seen before. Give them all the medals!



5. Juggling

We’re honestly a little surprised that juggling isn’t an Olympic sport by now. It takes a lot of skill, and some performers even put their own unique spin on the talent. Just this season, we’ve seen Pizza Man Nick Diesslin juggle pizza dough, while Sergio Paolo has taken the talent to the extreme without missing a beat.

6. Escapology

We’ve seen plenty of escape artists on America’s Got Talent over the years who have had us on the edge of our seats. One of the most infamous examples is Matt Johnson, who auditioned this year after making it to the semifinals of Britain’s Got Talent. During his audition, he escaped a contraption that might have sawed him in half, shocking the judges.


7. Light-Up Dancing

In Season 12, the dance group Light Balance brought a whole new type of talent to the AGT stage. They performed entertaining dance routines in the dark, with the glowing lights on their costumes creating incredible scenes and stories. Light Balance Kids then competed in Season 14, with both groups making it to the finals.

8. Card Magic

This one might seem random, but hear us out. We’ve seen some seriously impressive card magicians on America’s Got Talent over the years, including winners Mat Franco and Shin Lim. Jon Dorenbos was a former athlete who turned to card magic. It takes some serious skills to pull of these tricks, and we’d love to see magicians from all over the world compete for medals.

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