8 Facts You Need to Know About ‘The Voice’ Runner-Up Britton Buchanan

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Britton Buchanan took to the stage of The Voice with his mature soul voice and was awarded the first ever block in history. Here’s where this singer is today in 2022.

It’s no secret that Buchanan was almost an instant hit the first time he took to the stage. Not only was he the first audition of season 14, he managed to turn the chair of almost every coach. This singer ended as the runner-up of his season and has gone on to continue to pursue music ever since.

1. He Was The First Artist To Ever Be Blocked On The Voice

Not only was Buchanan the first audition of season 14, he was the first artist ever to be blocked. He technically performed a four-chair turn audition of “Trouble” by Ray LaMontagne, but Blake Shelton used his block on Adam Levine. Shelton purposely blocked Levine because he knew Buchanan would likely choose him. At the end of the audition, Buchanan picked Alicia Keys as his coach.

2. He Didn’t Finish The Series In Last Place Following His Instant Save

Buchanan continued in The Voice competition on Team Alicia all the way to the semi finals. He was put up for instant save while in this competitive live round. Buchanan performed “Dancing On My Own” by Robyn in hopes of America’s live save. He was saved during this round and continued on all the way to the finale. In the finale, he placed second overall. He was the first and currently only contestant to not come last place after being Instantly Saved into the finale.

3. His Inspirations Are Classic Rock Artists

While on The Voice, Buchanan talked about how his influences are far older than he is. Although he was born in 2000, his influences are based in the classic rock genre. At a young age, his parents introduced him to 70s and 80s rock and folk music. This lead the young guitar player to join a rock band at the age of 13. His love of classic rock totally shined through in his cover of “Small Town” by John Mellencamp on The Voice.

4. He Released Something You Can Break in 2021

Buchanan finished out The Voice in 2018 and finally released his debut album in 2021. Between his time on the show and the time of his release, he individually shared each song as a single. Fans loved his singles, but were thrilled to see this amazing artist make his debut.

5. He Sings on TikTok

Buchanan primarily shares music content on his TikTok channel. His TikTok account is rather small at this time. His oldest video dates back to March 23, 2020 and he only has 1049 followers on the app. I think it’s safe to say that his videos are definitely more popular on Instagram Reels.

6. He Dated a Fellow The Voice Singer

Buchanan was not quiet about how The Voice also helped him find love. At the time of the series he always was talking about his fellow contestant Livia Faith. Reports state that they began dating soon after the series began. Even though Faith was voted out in the battle rounds, Buchanan flew her out to California during the live shows. While Faith was in the audience for dedication week, Buchanan dedicated his performance of “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran to her. We’re not sure when this adorable couple broke up, but they have both moved on to new lovers.

7. He is Engaged to His Current Girlfriend

This singer is typically pretty private about his love life, but he shared photos of his proposal on Instagram last November. He is engaged to a girl named Maggie. In a recent Facebook page update, he noted that they moved into a house together. He’s working to create an at home studio in the new home.

8. He’s Only 22 Years Old

Many fans of The Voice mistook this singer’s age because he has a mature voice. In 2022, Buchanan’s voice is still years ahead. If anything I think his voice developed well into present day, he was good before, but I think he’s great now.

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