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15-Year-Old Audience Member Impresses Judges, Earns ‘Spain’s Got Talent’ Golden Buzzer


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Spain’s Got Talent kicked off its highly anticipated Season 9 in September with fantastic auditions. While the fifth round of auditions has just concluded, one particular moment from the show’s recent episode stood out. In the episode, an audience shocked the judges and earned a Golden Buzzer, without even waiting in the audition line.

Young Audience Member Earns Spain’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer

During a brief intermission, audience members were invited to showcase their talents. Among them was a 15-year-old Naia Castro Collantes. The singer stunned everyone with her soulful rendition of Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man.”

Judge Risto Mejide, often known for his stern demeanor (similar to Simon Cowell), couldn’t help but enjoy the moment. He invited Naia to come over to the judges’ table, where they engaged in a brief conversation.

It turns out that Mejide had seen Naia perform years ago in a theater production of Annie with his son. Naia revealed that she had indeed been in Annie and that Mejide had recognized her potential back then, and told her that she had “the makings of an artist.”

Judge Paula Echevarría couldn’t help but inquire if Naia had come to participate in the competition or merely as an audience member. Mejide suggested bringing her up on stage, a proposal that garnered enthusiastic support from the audience.

Naia then took to the stage, and when asked what she wanted to sing, she chose “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie. Her performance was nothing short of spectacular, leaving both the audience and her proud father in tears.

The Judges React to Her Performance

Judge Edurne was quick to commend Naia’s exceptional talent. She expressed her desire to see Naia in future musical productions on the grandest stages, including La Gran Vía, London, and New York.

Guest judge and comedian Florentino Fernández echoed these sentiments, calling Naia’s voice spectacular and her talent deeply moving. It was evident that Naia had touched the hearts of all who witnessed her performance.

The moment of truth arrived when the judges cast their votes. Echevarría started with a resounding “Super Yes,” followed by another enthusiastic “Yes” from Edurne. However, when it came to Mejide, there was a surprising twist. Despite his enjoyment of Naia’s performance, he delivered a shocking “No” vote. His reasoning? He believed that Naia had taken the easy route and challenged her to step out of the musical genre.

This decision left everyone visibly upset, as Naia’s talent was undeniable. However, the guest judge, Fernández, had one more surprise up his sleeve. He gave Naia his coveted Golden Buzzer, a gesture that sent shockwaves of joy throughout the auditorium.

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