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10 Things ‘Got Talent’ Didn’t Tell You About Marcelito Pomoy

Marcelito Pomoy on 'America's Got Talent: Champions'Photo by JC Olivera/FilmMagic

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Marcelito Pomoy is a Filipino singer who rose to fame after winning the second season of Pilipinas Got Talent in 2011. Known for his incredible ability to sing both in male and female voices, Pomoy has become a sensation both in the Philippines and around the world.

Pomoy has amazed audiences with his extraordinary talent. In a recent interview, we had the chance to chat with Pomoy and learn more about the man behind the voice. Here are 10 interesting facts you may not know about him.

1. Marcelito Pomoy Is Doing Shows Around The World

As of writing, the singer known as the “Male Diva” for his ability to sing in both tenor and soprano voices is currently performing in various locations across Australia, including Brisbane and Melbourne. Pomoy completed a series of shows in Egypt before bringing his talents to Australia, where he will soon finish performing. He plans to then travel to Abu Dhabi for more performances in the second half of March.

In addition to his performances in Abu Dhabi, Pomoy will also be performing in the USA from May to June, August to September, and November to December. He has a busy schedule of international performances lined up, and his fans in the USA can look forward to experiencing his incredible vocal range firsthand.

2. His Favorite Song to Sing

Due to Pomoy’s impressive vocal range, it’s no surprise that he’s inspired by various artists. Fans all over will appreciate Pomoy’s favorite song to sing.

“There’s actually a lot, but my most favorite song to sing would be “The Prayer,” that song has truly changed my life,” Pomoy said.

Unsurprisingly, the song that gets Pomoy most fired up is none other than the classic hit “The Prayer,” by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. AGT fans will recognize this song from the America’s Got Talent: The Champions preliminary round.


3. Simon Cowell is His Favorite Judge on America’s Got Talent

Without hesitation, Pomoy acknowledged that Simon Cowell is his favorite judge. It makes sense, since even though Cowell is known to be strict, Pomoy won Cowell’s favor. He didn’t stop there though, Pomoy followed it up by saying that he loved all the judges and appreciated their unique perspectives.

4. His Secret to Being Successful on America’s Got Talent: The Champions

Pomoy’s positive attitude and growth throughout the competition made him a true champion in the eyes of many fans, myself included. When it comes to his experience on AGT, he was very humble when asked about whether he should have won the show.

“At the time I gave it my all, I mean everyone who competed wanted to win but I never looked at it in any negative way,” Pomoy said. “If it’s not for you then you should be willing to accept that fact and that there’s always a reason for everything that happens.”

Though he did not win, his fourth-place finish on the show is nothing to scoff at. Additionally, his impressive performance on the show has significantly boosted his popularity and brought his unique talents to a global audience.

5. He Suffered From Chest Pains While Backstage on AGT

Pomoy revealed that he suffered from chest pains backstage before performing on AGT: The Champions. According to Pomoy, the chest pains were due to stress and nervousness that he was feeling prior to his performance, which is a common experience among performers. Nevertheless, Pomoy pushed through and delivered a stunning performance of “The Prayer” that wowed the judges and the audience.

6. His Wife, Joan Pomoy, is His Perfect Match

While fans have learned much about Pomoy’s life and career, there are still many things they may not know about his wife. I seized the opportunity to ask him something the fans didn’t know about his wife to which he was more than happy to share.

Pomoy revealed that his wife Joan is shy and introverted but takes care of his official documents and manages his shows, complementing his outgoing personality perfectly and contributing greatly to his success as a performer.

7. How Many Kids Does Marcelito Pomoy Have?

Once the topic of children came up, Pomoy was more than happy to share details. Outside of music, he’s clearly a proud husband and father. He shares two daughters together with his wife, Joan. Their oldest daughter, Marcella Janiah “MJ” Pomoy, is seven years old. Their youngest daughter, Marchesa Janoah “MC” Pomoy, is only eight months old.

8. How Many Hardware Stores Does Marcelito Pomoy Own?

Today, Pomoy owns three hardware stores named Pomoy’s Commercial in different locations, each of which is known for its exceptional service and top-quality products. As for the future, Pomoy is optimistic about the continued growth of his business. He plans to expand his product lines, improve his stores’ online presence, and continue providing exceptional service to his customers.

9. He Met Celine Dion

Pomoy had the opportunity of a lifetime when he met legendary Canadian singer Celine Dion. When it came to the experience, he described it as surreal.

“That was the best experience for me because [she] is my favorite, and if only Michael Jackson was still alive because he too is my favorite,” he said.

10. Marcelito Pomoy Began in Construction

Digging a little deeper into the man behind the voice, Pomoy discussed things that fans may not know about him.

“Maybe something they probably don’t know about me is my life before becoming who I am today,” Pomoy said. “I started out as a construction boy and driver of heavy equipment before getting known.”

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