Who Is Miley Going To Choose For Her Final Three Tonight On ‘The Voice’?

Jack Tomas | Talent Recap

Tonight is the final night of the playoffs in which team Miley will be on the chopping block. This is going to be tough as Miley has arguably the best team. It’s will be hard unless someone totally eats it, which I doubt. But who will she choose?

I have no doubt that Brooke Simpson will get picked. She might be the best singer of them all and could be this season’s winner. I have a feeling Adam Pearce is going to go. He’s good but compared to the others, he’s just not on their same level. Then it gets difficult. Ashland Craft is terrific and will really appeal to the country fans. Janice Freeman has possibly the best voice in the whole show and has a great story. But Moriah Formica is a little rock and roll dynamo.

We here at the Talent Recap office think it will probably go to Moriah. She’s a huge fan favorite. But if it were up to me and not Miley, I would pick Janice.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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