The Voice Recap: Final Knockouts


With next week’s live shows on the horizon, we’re wrapping up the The Voice knockouts tonight with a strong finish. Some of this seasons’ most talented artists were saved for the final night and it did not disappoint. We can’t wait to see these live-show finalists next week, but before that let us discuss what happened at the knockouts tonight. 

Britton vs Dallas (Team Alicia) 

Even though Alicia saved Dallas during the battle rounds, her nerves got the best of her again tonight. Singing Bless the Broken Road was an unfortunate struggle in pitch and tone which proved to be the end of the road for this country artist. Britton, however, took his performance to a new level. Singing New York State of Mind and playing the piano at the same time won Coach Alicia’s heart and proves to be a shoe-in for the live shows.

Winner: Britton 

D.R. vs Tish (Team Kelly) 

Kelly knew this would be a tough one to choose when she paired two powerhouse singers, D.R. and Tish together. D.R. chose the song I know I’m Losing You and opened the song up with a power note-staying in a place of high energy throughout the entire performance. Similar to this energetic style is Tish’s performance to Lady Marmalade who brought the house down with her belting notes. Luckily for Kelly, she is able to use her one save and keeps Tish on her team for the live shows.

Winner: D.R. King

Save: Tish remains on Team Kelly

Dylan vs. Wilkes (Team Blake) 

New to Team Blake is Dylan who was stolen in the battle rounds, which gave him a lot to prove in the knockouts. Singing You are the Best Thing in a smooth and controlled performance makes this a success for him. Meanwhile, Wilkes chooses the song The Climb but makes it his own and wins Blake’s vote. However, the road is not over for Dylan because Team Kelly steals him back and welcomes him to his original team.

Winner: Wilkes

Steal: Dylan returns to Team Kelly 

Gary vs Rayshun (Team Adam)

Adam paired two strong male performers in this knockout round. Gary chooses the song Many Rivers to Cross and does an incredible job at making the song his own. Rayshun rendition of Heard it Through the Grapevine is a solid performance and is hard to beat. Adam ultimately chooses Rayshun, but his arch-enemy Blake does the favors in stealing Gary.

Winner: Rayshun

Steal: Gary

Alexa vs Jorge (Team Kelly) 

Some knockout rounds are clearer on who the winner will be, and this proves to be the case for Alexa and Jorge. Alexa chose to sing Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and was strong and powerful throughout the entire performance. Jorge’s Adorn performance struggled with pitch errors that were most likely caused by nerves which led Alexa to win this round.

Winner: Alexa 

Reid vs Jordyn (Team Adam) 

Packaged in a montage, we didn’t have the chance to see much between this pair, but Reid was the winner of this knockout round and performed Let Him Fly. 

Winner: Reid 

Kelsea vs Sharane (Team Alicia) 

Another powerhouse female duo is the last to perform for the Season 14 Knockouts and they each brought an incredible performance. Kelsea sang Rise Up by Andra Day which was a moving and emotional piece. Meanwhile, Sharane sang All I Could Do Was Cry which was also emotional and raw. Alicia chooses Kelsea as her winner but Sharane is stolen by Team Adam and makes her way to the live shows.

Winner: Kelsea 

Steal: Sharane

What an incredible Knockout round! Next, we’re onto the live shows! Who was your favorite performer tonight?

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