Twitter Going Crazy After Kim Jong-Un Is ALIVE & Seen In Public

Samantha Agate
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It has been a whirlwind of a week trying to figure out if North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is dead or alive. However, the rumors can be put to rest now as North Korea released pictures and videos of the leader in public at a ceremony opening a fertilizer factory near Pyongyang. Twitter certainly had a lot to say about this rollercoaster of a week.

People Wondered If The Leader Was Dead Or Alive After His Absence From The Public Eye

The last time Kim was seen in public was April 11 so this, of course, did not help with the rumors of his death. He also did not attend the Day of the Sun celebration to honor his grandfather Kim Il-Sung. He attends every year. The leader was speculated to not have shown up as a prevention measure for COVID-19. It is the most important holiday in the country, so for a leader to miss it, it is a very big deal. This came after it was rumored that the leader had a botched heart surgery leaving him in a vegetative state.

Many believed that his sister Kim Yo Jong was going to step up and become his successor. She has formally served as a vice director of the ruling Workers’ Party’s Central Committee. Kim Yo Jong is believed to be 31 years old and has always been at the forefront of the family’s involvement in politics. She has reportedly been groomed for power since she was a little girl. Kim Yo Jong is only the second woman who has held such a high position of power in North Korea’s governing body. She never commented on whether her brother was dead or alive, and clearly now we know why.


People On Twitter Were Freaking Out About This News

Twitter never fails to show people’s genuine reactions to news. One Twitter user mapped out all of the speculation and rumors about Kim’s death in a tweet.

Another Twitter user made this hilarious post that says “oh sh*t he’s alive.” This person is definitely shocked.

Another Twitter user said “The fact Kim Jong-Un is alive and well should show you the media is usually wrong.”

And another Twitter user was not convinced that the leader is alive. “Kim Jong-Un, I am not convinced he is alive. Maybe if he had a current speaking engagement I would be convinced. Stock footage and photos don’t mean sh*t.” This person is going along with reports that the footage of Kim in public is actually old footage from a few weeks ago.

Another person was just genuinely confused by all of the reports. “So first there was reports that Kim Jong Un died… Now they’re saying he’s actually alive and those were false rumors. That’s friggin crazy. which one is it lmaooo,” she said.

Kim Jong-Un Is Known For Disappearing From The Public Eye

Being absent from the public eye is something Kim is used to doing. So even if the reports of his death turn out to be false, it would make complete sense. In 2014 there was a period where he was not seen for 41 days. There was even a time in 2008 where his father was not seen in the media for 51 days. There was never this kind of media reaction or speculation about either of their deaths before. Kim Jong-Un has continuously gone periods of 15 days before he has made a public appearance. In 2020 he has disappeared fro 21 days between January and February as well as another 19 days between March and April.

It seems like all signs are pointing to a case of the media overreacting to his step back from the public eye.


The Kim dynasty has been ruling North Korea for seven decades and that will definitely continue on into the future.

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