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Twitter Can’t Stop Celebrating Kim Jong-Un’s Reported Death & He Might Not Even Be Dead!

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There is still a lot of speculation about whether or not North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is dead. Chinese and Japanese media outlets first reported that he died during botched heart surgery. Other reports are coming to light now suggesting that he is still alive. But, Whatever the case may be, it did not stop people on Twitter from sharing their thoughts on the matter.


His Alleged Death Is Karma For The Death Of Otto Warmbier

It seems like the general consensus amongst Twitter users is that Kim’s alleged death is karma. They referenced Otto Warmbier, an American college student who was imprisoned in North Korea after attempting to steal a propaganda poster in 2016. While imprisoned, he fell into a coma. He was finally released in 2017 in a vegetative state. Warmbier died a few days later after returning back to the United States due to a lack of oxygen going to the brain. Many believe that he was tortured while in prison and a victim of abuse under Kim’s leadership. The North Korean government blamed botulism for Warmbier’s death, but doctors found no evidence of the illness.

Now, with reports of Kim being in a vegetative state, people keep making parallels to the treatment and eventual death that Warmbier had to go through. One Twitter user said “Kim Jong-Un is reportedly in a vegetative state, possibly dead and if he is that will be the only proof I need that karma exists. I hope the family of Otto Warmbier takes some solace in knowing someone so evil now knows the pain and suffering he inflicted on their son.”

Another tweet showed a picture of Kim side by side with Warmbier. It says “North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is reported to be in a vegetative state. Like how he sent back American student Otto Warmbier. Sometimes karma is so poetic.”

Tweets continued to flood in about his possible death being an act of karma. “Kinda ironic that Kim Jong-Un is supposedly in a vegetative state don’t ya think? Miss Karma works HARD,” one tweet says.

“Karma is very real,” said one Twitter user in reference to the leader allegedly being in a vegetative state.


Many People Spoke About Kim Jong-Un’s Possible Successor

If Kim is actually dead, his sister Kim Yo Jong will most likely become his successor. She has formally served as a vice director of the ruling Workers’ Party’s Central Committee. She is believed to be 31 years old and has always been at the forefront of the family’s involvement in politics. There were mixed opinions about whether or not this could be a good thing or a bad thing for the country. One Twitter user said, “This would be a good thing globally.”


Another Twitter user praised her for possibly becoming the leader of North Korea and applauded more female dictatorship.

Another Twitter user called her “the most powerful woman of North Korea.”

Some Twitter Users Referenced The Movie ‘The Interview’

A lot of people could not help but make a reference to The Interview, the 2014 movie in which the plot is to assassinate Kim Jong-Un. It stars Seth Rogen and James Franco and their faces have been all over Twitter for the past few days. People have been saying that the movie foreshadowed Kim’s death and they jokingly said that Rogan and Franco are responsible for the death rumors.

One Twitter user said “It’s going to be a matter of days before Seth Rogen & James Franco “The Interview” trends on Twitter.” They were definitely right because it seems like this movie is gaining more popularity and has been a major topic of conversation related to the leader’s alleged death.

“Reports of Kim Jong-Un being dead & all I can think about is The Interview,” said another Twitter user. She definitely wasn’t alone. Both Rogan and Franco have yet to comment on the Twitter buzz or make a reference to the movie.

Amid rumors of the leader’s death, South Korean officials said that Kim is in fact “alive and well.” It seems like his health is still a concern.



He and his family have had a history of unhealthy habits and cardiovascular issues. However, it still seems like people are unsure of what to believe and will continue to make their own assumptions until he is actually seen back out in public.

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