Top 5 Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunctions on Live Talent Shows

Catherine DiMeglio
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Wardrobe malfunctions, they happen to the best of us. Anyone who’s ever wore a tight pair of jeans knows what I’m talking about. Celebrities are real people too and even they struggle with this from time to time. Their fashion mishaps just happen to be recorded on live television. Here, you will see the top 5 wardrobe malfunctions on talent shows of all time.

1. Katy Perry Splits Her Pants on American Idol

Back in 2018, the “California Gurls” singer had a fashion mishap during the live All Star Duets that season. Moments after contestant Maddie Poppe finished her collaborative performance of “Bubbly” with Colbie Caillat, Perry burst into laughter and we soon found out why. She quickly announced to the audience that she just split her pants on live television. But the judge didn’t seem too shy about it. In fact, she decided to get up and flash the entire audience. Lionel Richie definitely was a bit uncomfortable with how well Perry embraced her wardrobe malfunction. He did his best to try to shield her from the crowd. But not to worry, nothing a little tape can’t fix. 

2. Sethward Doesn’t Fully Transform On America’s Got Talent

Sethward has to be one of the most interesting contestants America’s Got Talent has had in a long time.

Not because his talents are good, but because he simply does not give up.
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He has auditioned for the show on numerous occasions in the hope to make it past the first round. Sethward is actually responsible for Simon Cowell stating that “America has no talent” during the Quarterfinals this season. Nonetheless, on season 13, Sethward auditioned for AGT in a caterpillar costume. The act was in disarray from the start, and let’s just say his transition from caterpillar to butterfly was not complete. His failure to provide himself with undergarments shot the act into wardrobe malfunction. His private area was censored with a giant butterfly graphic as all four judges buzzed their X.

3. Amanda Holden’s Famous Gown on BGT

The near 50-year-old judge has been slammed time and time again for her audience labeled, inappropriate outfits while judging the show. Last year, Amanda Holden turned heads once again as she took to the panel in a beautiful off the shoulder dress with a plunging neckline. In terms of a wardrobe malfunction, fans ran to Twitter to comment their speculations. Many viewers were convinced that the judge was having a double “nip slip” on camera. I personally think people were just looking for another reason to attack her style. By taking a closer look, you can tell that the microphone is casting a shadow on her chest. I don’t think she was really exposed at all.

4. Whitney Houston’s Dress Snaps on the X Factor

If you can recall, the late great Whitney Houston performed on the X Factor’s live results show in 2009. She graced the stage to perform her new single at the time, “Million Dollar Bill.” The icon flaunted a stunning silver gown during performance, and everything was going perfect. That is, up until the strap that secured the dress across her back, snapped completely in two. Like the professional she is, she just kept on singing as if it never happened. Truthfully, I was more distracted by all the money falling from the sky during her performance than I was by the wardrobe malfunction.

5. Solos Ante El Peligro Failed Strip Tease on Spain’s Got Talent

All the way from Spain, this act sports a name that literally translates to “alone in the face of danger.” This all male strip tease act definitely did come face to face to danger when one member’s costume was just not cooperating. Right now you may be thinking, “how can you have a wardrobe malfunction on an act that takes their clothes off on purpose?” Don’t worry, you definitely can. The groups dancing was not very coordinated to begin with, I don’t believe they’ll be booking any bachelorette parties any time soon. One of the dancers was a but clumsy when it came down to removing his jeans for the crowd. Aside from putting the audience in shock, the act had one of their judges running for the hills. The dancer tried his best to cover the fashion mishap with his cowboy hat.

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