‘The X Factor UK’ Is Back With More Singing Sensations

SYCO/ Thames TV

This weekend we were treated to some more The X Factor UK auditions and there were definitely some memorable singers. I have to say that they really led with their best stuff with their premiere episode. I guess they were hoping for a nice ratings boost. Even though the last two weeks haven’t been as stellar, they are still fun to watch.

Benji Matthews

Shy, awkward, and soulful is how the judges described Benji. It can’t be easy being named after a heroic dog from 80’s films. This dude’s voice is the real deal. He was probably the best of the night.

Tracy Leanne Jefford

Divorced mom Tracy Leanne had auditioned for The X Factor before and didn’t get through. This time she persevered and convinced the judges to give her a shot. She’s got an unpolished voice but that can be refined.

Russell Jones

This jazzy little Muppet is like something out of the 1940’s. He charmed the judges, especially the ladies, with his classic crooner antics. I don’t see this guy being a winner but he’ll be entertaining.

Gregor Coleman

Gregor sings on the corner for spare change with his sweet voice and butterfly neck tattoo. Will he advance far? Maybe.

Sean & Conor
These two brothers really ripped it up. It’s hard to find real harmony with a sibling. Usually they are just giving each other wet willies and the like. But these two could go a long way.


Wow. This guy. He’s a big ball of tacky fun. He’s been offered a job on a cruise ship and the judges urged him to take it because he sure as hell isn’t going to be on The X Factor.

Chloe Rose Moyle

Cute, brace-faced, singer Chloe Rose charmed the judges. She’s only 16 and came in with an original song. That takes a lot of courage.


A mother daughter team that just…doesn’t work as a group. The judges loved the daughter and told the mom she should bow out. They don’t want to do that. They gave them a tentative four yeses, but unless they break-up they aren’t going to go anywhere in the competition.

The Clique

Well…these guys were interesting. Simon hated them but the other four liked their sassy attitude. They definitely have great choreography and whatnot but I have to agree with Simon that they are a gimmick act.

Taliah Dalorto<
What. A. Friggin. Voice. She’s a contender for the end, like for real.

Gary Barker

This guy is super soulful. Who knew a dude from Liverpool could be so incredibly soulful? I didn’t. I thought all Liverpudlians were good at was being…you know…The Beatles.

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