Meet ‘The Voice’ Star Katie Kadan: Struggles Of a “Chubby Girl in a Skinny Girls World”

Jill O'Rourke
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Singer Katie Kadan is proving herself to be a front-runner on The Voice Season 17. The 38-year-old artist, who turned all four coaches’ chairs in her audition, has officially made it into the Top 13.

If you’re a fan of Katie’s powerhouse voice and want to learn more about her, we’ve got five facts right here. Read on to learn about her history with music, as well as her journey on The Voice so far.

Who Is ‘The Voice’ Star Katie Kadan?

Katie has been singing from a young age.

Katie grew up in Chicago, and according to her Facebook page, she “came into this world singing.” She performed in church from a young age and joined Chicago’s All God’s Children’s Choir when she was 10.

She also has a musical family, and “family jams” were a regular thing for her growing up. Recently, she has performed with her cousins Ray Bleth and Joshua Paul, as well as her sister Sarah Kadan.

She put off performing for many years.

In her audition, Katie said she was “afraid to perform” as a “chubby chick living in a skinny girl’s world.” At age 30, she performed at an open mic, and was invited back week after week. This gave her the push to keep performing.

On Instagram last year, Katie explained that she’s been her “own worst enemy” in the past, and it has kept her from opportunities. However, she’s more confident in herself now, explaining, “People that follow me who don’t know me build me up and give me confidence that I can do this… I know I can do this!”

Katie’s unique style is inspired by her past self.

Katie’s colorful style is almost as memorable as her voice. So where did she get the inspiration for her signature look? From her past self! Katie told local news that she wore lensless glasses when she was a teenager, and got made fun of for it.

When she reached her 30s, Katie said to herself, “I’m bringing back all the things that I thought was cool, and owning it. And now, like, I’m super dope. Right?” We definitely agree.

She has already released original music.

Earlier this year, Katie put out an album of 11 original tracks. You can listen to the full thing on Spotify, or check out “Take Me to the River” in the video above. You can also download the album on Katie’s website.

If Katie continues to slay on The Voice, it might not be long before we get to listen to a follow-up album.

Katie is a frontrunner on ‘The Voice’ Season 17.

Katie has had an amazing run on The Voice so far. First she turned all four coaches’ chairs before choosing to join Team Legend. Then, in the Battles and Knockouts, she was chosen as the winner by John. Most recently, in the Live Playoffs, America voted her through to the Top 13.

We can’t wait to see where the journey takes Katie as the competition heats up. We have a feeling she’ll go very far.

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