The Top 10 Cutest Kids on Talent Shows Who You Might Not Already Know

Corey Cesare
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There’s nothing better than seeing adorable, talented kids on your favorite talent show. Within this list I’ve listed some of my favorites kids on talent shows who you may not already know and which shows they were on. I hope you’re ready for these kid stars! We all know Darci Lynne, Sophie Fatu, and Peter Rosalita are adorable, but check out these equally adorable and talented faces.

10. Fresh Faces

Fresh Faces is a group that features five girls aged nine to 11 years old. They competed on America’s Got Talent with a fun mix of dance and gymnastics in their routine. I loved them on stage because their energy was authentic and they’re act didn’t feel overproduced. On top of being pros with their talent, they’re really flexible!

9. Angelina Jordan

I can’t get over how cute Angelina was on Norway’s Got Talent. At only seven years old she premiered a beautiful voice on the series. She was seriously one of the cutest kid auditions ever, I couldn’t get over her missing front tooth.

8. Olivia Binfield

Olivia knew just how to shock the Britain’s Got Talent audience. This seven year old told the audience she was performing a poem, then ran off stage to grab a snake! Snakes freak me out, but it was pretty cute to hear her poem about endangered species with a snake around her neck.

7. Olivia Swinton

This ten year old took to The Voice Kids stage and really put on a show. She sang “Roar” by Katy Perry and didn’t care that the judges couldn’t see her. I thought she had a great stage presence for her age. She got a three chair turn on the series, which is equivalent to a four-chair turn on The Voice.

6. The Henry Twins

These little girls are a mix of cute and terrifying on Australia’s Got Talent. They came on to stage with confidence, but were also so similar that it almost felt like one was a fake person. The Henry Twins began their act singing but eventually switched into a full cheerleading routine.

5. Kenz

Kenz was the youngest contestant to ever walk into an audition on The X Factor UK. At only four years old he sang for Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne, and Louis Walsh and received three yeses! Even though the judges didn’t actually send him to the next round, Kenz thought he had won the series as a whole.

4. Karate Kid Jesse

This nine year old premiered a different talent on her season of Britain’s Got Talent. At first she looks like she could never hurt a fly, but that isn’t exactly true. On the series she premiered an amazing karate talent. Simon Cowell asked this little girl if she would be his bodyguard!

3. Hope

Hope technically wasn’t on American Idol, but tagged along for her mom’s audition. At only three years old Hope sang “Let it Go” for Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr. The judges were overwhelmed by her cuteness, so they gave her a golden ticket.

2. Heavenly Joy Jerkins

When I think cute kids on talent shows, I immediately think of Heavenly Joy. This five year old singer was filled with energy on America’s Got Talent. She sang, tap danced and won over America’s heart with her on stage confidence. Out of everyone on this list, I think Heavenly Joy is the most memorable.

1. Aidan McCann

Aidan McCann took first place for his time on Ireland’s Got Talent. He was nine years old and filled with humor when he took to their stage. Although he auditioned as a magician, he won over the audience with his jokes. He was a triple threat on this series, he was a great magician, cracked great jokes and had amazing stage presence.

Take this poll to choose which act was the cutest of them all! Whichever act gets the most poll votes and comments on our YouTube channel will be the star of my next video! Let me know which kid star you want a life update on!

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