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‘America’s Got Talent: Champions’ Star Angelina Jordan: Child Prodigy to Teen Superstar

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This Got Talent star premiered her voice at only seven years old on Norway’s Got Talent and went on to compete on America’s Got Talent: Champions at 13 years old. The star has been thriving ever since. Her voice is larger than life and sounds way more mature than her age would imply. What has happened to this outstanding singer since her time on AGT: Champions?

At only seven years old Angelina auditioned for Norway’s Got Talent singing “Gloomy Sunday” by Billie Holiday. The judges expected to hear yet another pitchy child singer, but ended up with a super star. After wowing the judges, Angelina went on to win the show with her jazzy vocals. Her outstanding audition video went viral on YouTube in 2014.

At 13 years old, she competed on AGT: Champions. Before she began to sing, she noted that she joined the show for the opportunity to sing for Simon Cowell. Cowell, along with the other judges, was astonished at just how good Angelina really was. Her audition video would’ve gone viral on YouTube, if there wasn’t strict copyright on songs by Queen that forced her video to get pulled.

Unfortunately, Angelina didn’t make it into the Top five on the show. She was eliminated instead of Marcelito Pomoy. Much like Marcelito, Angelina didn’t need to win the show to have a grand career, she was already a star.

Why Does She Perform Without Shoes?


One of the things people noticed about this young singer is the fact that she performs barefoot. Angelina’s life was changed when she met a homeless girl in Asia at only six years old. Angelina gave the girl her pair of shoes that day and has since performed barefoot because she believes every person deserves to have shoes.

As you probably saw on AGT: Champions, Angelina has stayed true to her word. She was even seen barefoot in recent YouTube covers. The singer has always noted that she will perform shoeless until every person in the world is able to have shoes.

Where is Angelina in 2021?

This Norway native made the move to Los Angeles, CA, in 2020 and remains there today. She lives the normal life of a 15 year old, minus the fact that she has a record deal with Republic Records. This record deal is a huge break for this singer. This company has signed artists like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, and more. I believe that it’s only a matter of time until Angelina’s music breaks into mainstream music.

Until then, this singer is thriving on social media. She has two YouTube channels that have 624,000 and 431,000 subscribers respectively. Within her Instagram and TikTok videos, she’s recently premiered a whole new look. Up to this point she was known for her dark hair and dark eyes, but her eyes appear to be blue on Instagram and TikTok now. It’s apparent this is only a social media thing since her recent YouTube videos flaunt her signature look.

In the past year, Angelina has released five cover songs on YouTube and two original songs. Her latest original song came out in March of 2021, but she’s posted a lot of videos of her in the studio since then. Even though she didn’t put out a huge number of songs in 2021, It sure seems like new music is on the horizon for 2022.

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2 years ago

Angelina Jordan, is on top as a versatile singer being able to sing the songs of great singer and more often than not better than the original !

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