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Ariana Grande: “I’m Running Back As Soon As Possible” to ‘The Voice’

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Since Season 21 of The Voice has ended, people have been wondering one thing: is Ariana Grande coming back to coach next season? With multiple large projects on the horizon, Grande has finally spoken out about if she’ll return to The Voice, or not.

This Pop Star Wants to Come Back to The Voice

Some would say Grande is at the peak of her career. She has broken numerous music records, been cast as her dream film role in the movie adaptation of Wicked, and has quickly become a household name. The Voice fans are thankful that such a large name was able to coach on the series, but will she come back?

“I can’t wait to work together on whatever is next,” Grande said. “Where it happens to be right and where we see fit and I am running back as soon as possible. If it’s this group I’ll be so happy.”

So although this cryptic answer isn’t an automatic yes, it seems like she isn’t opposed to the idea of returning to the show. While many of her fans are loving the idea of Grande coming back, others are hoping she chooses to pursue other avenues. Many fans commented on the tweet about how they would rather see her release new music than come back to The Voice.

Some Twitter users are reading between the lines of her words. They think that instead of coming back as a coach, she might come back as a mega mentor.

“If you listen to her words, I think she’s talking about coming back as a mega mentor like Ed Sheeran,” one Twitter user said.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the avenue she goes after this season of the show. Grande is an extremely caring person and it was quite obvious that it broke her heart to see any of her team members eliminated. Personally, I think the pop star needs to heal after the heartbreak that was season 21.

Is Ariana Grande Coming Back to The Voice Season 22?

This question is still clearly up in the air for many reasons. Even though this singer has shared that she’d love to come back, she has a lot on her plate. With her makeup line Rem Beauty and her newest acting role in Wicked, I think she won’t be able to commit to the time of the series.

Even though I loved her on this season of The Voice, I don’t think she’ll be back in 2022. The series has confirmed that they will be switching to a once a year timeslot on NBC, but I think that won’t do Grande any favors. By the time The Voice comes back I could see Wicked being in production. If this film wasn’t on the singers plate I think another season of the show would be in her future.

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2 years ago

I dislike the once a year format. By the time it comes back next Fall I will have lost any interest in the show. I think they should keep the show on twice a year but make some changes. Have more steal and block options. The blind auditions are my favorite part. Not drag out the final show for two hrs. Who cares about all the performers they bring it. It is so boring. The songs the contestants sing should be more upbeat and cooler. I hardly know of any of the songs and the songs are dreadfully boring. Take… Read more »

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