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‘The Masked Singer’ Recap: Pufferfish Revealed as Seven-Time Grammy Winner

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It was Back to School night on The Masked Singer, and some of the contestants totally scored A’s with their performances. We finally got to find out that Mother Nature was Vivica A. Fox after last night’s cliffhanger. But, the biggest shock of all is that one of the other standout performers was unmasked at the end of the show. Which celebrity was under The Masked Singer Pufferfish mask?

‘The Masked Singer’s Pufferfish and Mother Nature Are Revealed

After her performance of “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross, Mother Nature received the lowest number of votes last night. The cliffhanger carried over to tonight’s episode. It was finally time for us to confirm our suspicions that Vivica A. Fox was under the mask.


Nick Cannon actually knew all along that it was Fox. He’s usually pretty good at picking up on people’s body language and is friends with so many celebrities.

The episode delivered yet another big unmasking. Pufferfish grew up in a very religious household. She had a diary in her clue package and a reference to the Cardinals. She said that being on The Masked Singer is like being at the Met Gala. Pufferfish had been changing her voice during the performances to throw the judging panel off. Tonight Pufferfish performed “Levitating.” This girl can rap!

Cannon actually knew Pufferfish’s identity too. He literally knows everybody. Ken Jeong guessed that it could be M.I.A. Others believed it could be Zoe Saldana who was in Drumline with Cannon. Nicole Scherzinger thought it could be Nelly Furtado or Paula Abdul. It actually turned out to be seven-time Grammy winner, Toni Braxton. Braxton wore a face mask under her costume due to her lupus diagnosis. I for sure thought Baby would be the one unmasked.

Two Wildcards Joined the Competition

Two new wildcard performers are ready to shake up the competition! Hamster said his body is shaped like a hamster and he’s stuck in a bit of a wheel. He has felt all couped up for the last year. That’s very relatable. One of his clues was Alcatraz Island. His performance of “Oh, Pretty Woman” was fun. No shade, but it seems like he is not a professional singer. He sounds a little bit like David Hasselhoff but isn’t tall enough.

The contestants all had locker clues to fit with the back-to-school theme. Cannon said Hamster had a “stank a** locker” which is hilarious. When one judge guessed that it could be Danny DeVito, Hamster said he is “way f*ckin taller.” He’s a spicy jokester. Jeong said that it reminds him of Bill Murray or Brendan Fraser. Jenny McCarthy said it could be Tim Allen. Scherzinger guessed that it is Jack Black. Black flexed his singing skills in School of Rock and sounds a little bit raspier than Hamster.

Baby, the second wildcard, is larger than life. He was part of a baby rat pack that was famous for throwing punches. Is anyone else getting Chuck Norris vibes? Baby has had blockbuster hits and an award-winning album. There was also a White House clue. His performance of “You’re The First, The Last, My Everything” was so bizarre. At first, he talked in a baby voice but launched into a very legendary singing voice. This could also potentially be someone like Wayne Newton.

Jeong guessed either Hugh Jackman or Will Smith. Jackman is an incredible singer. I think I would know if the king of The Greatest Showman was on The Masked Singer in a heartbeat. McCarthy said Vin Diesel. Robin Thicke also raised suspicions that it could be Norris. The judges started talking to him like he was a baby in the most disturbing television moment ever. Cannon, a father of seven, stepped up to give Baby his bottle and even joked that he has “a lot of kids” and knows what to do.

Thicke Stands on ‘The Masked Singer’ Judging Table to Applaud Skunk

Once again, Skunk put on a stunning performance. She spoke about having a full-ride scholarship before receiving unexpected news. There was also a golf reference in her clue package. She had another huge intro to her song in this episode with the lights flickering. She blew everyone else out of the water with “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” In all of the times that I have heard this song performed on talent shows, this one was by far my favorite.

Thicke must have been inspired by Simon Cowell and got up on the desk to applaud Skunk. Cowell did the same thing during the recent America’s Got Talent finale. The judges threw out some very legendary names like Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Janelle Monáe, and American Idol winner Fantasia.

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