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‘The Masked Dancer’ Top 5 Performs + A Talent Show Winner Is Revealed!


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The remaining five contestants on The Masked Dancer put on a tremendous display of talent this week. The contestant’s dance partners spilled some major secrets in the clue packages and gave us more insight into who is underneath the masks. Keep reading to find out who was eliminated in this week’s episode.


Plus make sure you catch up on our weekly recap shows. Last week we exposed the identity of The Cotton Candy.

Who Is The Tulip?

Clues: The Tulip’s dance partner held an iced coffee with a star on it in the clue package. He revealed that they have a secret handshake. The Tulip held a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a plate in the clue package. There was also a family-sized potato chip bag to round out the food references.

Performance: The Tulip danced a super energetic routine to “My Boyfriend’s Back.” The dance had a slumber party theme and the background dancers wore rollers in their hair as they danced around the stage. At the end of the performance, she hit her dance partner in the face with a feathered pillow. After the performance, she said she is no stranger to the stage and has been performing her whole life. Her one-word clue this week is “lifetime achievements.”

Judges Guesses: Paula Abdul thinks it’s YouTuber Liza Koshy under the mask. Brian Austin Green thinks it could be Haylie Duff. Guest judge Mayim Bialik thinks it’s Jamie Lynn Spears.


Who Is The Zebra?

Clues: The Zebra’s dance partner said that he is fun to dance with. There was a paper bag with $19.92 written on it. A bucket made some kind of reference to having “goodwill.” There was another clue with a $100 bill with bees on it. His dance partner said that The Zebra has zero fat on his body and he is a fighter. He has the support of two countries cheering him on.

Performance: This performance was definitely more fun and comedic this week. He danced to “Take You Dancing” by Jason Derulo. This time he definitely had a lot more solo moments that combined cha-cha dancing and hip-hop. The background dancers held red fans in their hands. The Zebra’s one-word clue after the performance is “author.”

Clues: Mayim believes that The Zebra is Oscar De La Hoya because of the boxing references. Ashley guessed that it is Connor McGregor under the mask. Paula thinks that it is Barry Bonds.



Who Is The Sloth?

Clues: The Sloth’s partner said that he is just as funny behind the scenes. He stood on a tour bus taking pictures in the clue package. His partner said he is usually the leading man. He also speaks three languages. The Sloth always hugs his partner before their performances. He also loves looking in the mirror. There was a video of a panda playing during the clue package. The Sloth looked in a mirror while he was in the dance studio.

Performance: The Sloth danced to “Twist Remix.” This was a Bollywood style routine with high-energy dance moves. This week, he danced while holding colorful cloths in his hands. The routine finished with The Sloth and his partner sharing an intimate moment behind an umbrella. His one-word clue after the performance is “rose.”

Judges Guesses: Ken feels like it is his Crazy Rich Asians co-star Harry Shum Jr. Ashley guessed it is Hugh Jackman because of his Broadway experience. Mayim guessed that it is Jack Black because of the comedy and panda reference.


Who Is The Exotic Bird?

Clues: In The Exotic Bird’s clue package, a calendar highlighted a row of Mondays. Her dance partner said she has the biggest heart. In the clue package, The Exotic Bird hugged a Santa Claus figurine. Her partner mentioned that every step she dances is for her baby bird. The number 23 was highlighted. Her partner also said the word “Idol.”

Performance: The Exotic Bird danced to “Opposites Attract.” In the background, the number 6 was visible. They did a fun jazz number with a lot of throwback choreography. Her one-word clue after the performance is “circus.”

Judges Guesses: Ashley thinks it’s Khloe Kardashian because her family is a circus. Mayim thinks it is former talk show host Eve under the mask. Paula kept her guess as Jordin Sparks.


Who Is The Cotton Candy?

Clues: The Cotton Candy had a gold watch on in the clue package. There was also a clue with a red, white and blue sash that said “miss perfect” on it. Her dance partner said she goes on a three-mile run in her mask after each rehearsal. There was a picture of The Cotton Candy dressed as a superhero holding up a chocolate bar. Her partner said she is “on fire.”

Performance: This performance was unique because The Cotton Candy danced through the backstage area. It started off as a traditional ballet number at first and then the beat dropped. She incorporated traditional moves along with krumping and hip hop. Her dance partner handed her a bouquet of roses at the end of the performance. Her one-word clue after the performance is “prayer.”

Judges Clues: Brian stuck with his guess of Kristi Yamaguchi. Paula still thinks it is Simone Biles under the mask. Mayim believes it is Hayden Panettiere because of her dance background.



Who Was Eliminated From ‘The Masked Dancer’ Tonight?

The Exotic Bird received the least amount of votes after the performances this week. The judges got to ask some final questions before making their final guesses. They learned that she is taller than Ken and is used to performing in front of large crowds. She has won a major award and been on the cover of a magazine. The Exotic Bird has met Paula before.

Ken guessed that it is singer Jennifer Hudson under the mask. Because of the Christmas clues, Mayim kept her guess of Eve. Brian thinks it is model Ashley Graham. Paula kept her guess of Jordin Sparks. Ashley went with Paula on this one and also guessed that it is Jordin Sparks under the mask.

The Exotic Bird was revealed to be… American Idol winner Jordin Sparks! This means Paula was right. It was awesome to see Jordin and Paula reunited after all of these years. She said the whole experience was “freeing.”



Who do you think will win the very first season of The Masked Dancer?

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