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‘The Masked Dancer’ Super Six Performs + A BIG Reality Star Is Revealed!


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The Super Six performed tonight on The Masked Dancer in the hopes of advancing on to next week’s show. In this episode, there was a new segment called “Rapid Fire” where the judges got to ask a bunch of questions to figure out more clues. Each contestant also had a super clue in their clue package. Keep reading to find out who was eliminated tonight.


Make sure you check out last weeks recap show to learn the identity of The Sloth.

Who Is The Cotton Candy?

Clues: In The Cotton Candy’s clue package, she spoke about how she is no stranger to competitions like The Masked Dancer. There was also a clue that flashed a few diamond rings that definitely gave off Olympic vibes. The big clue here is five gold balloons.

Performance: The Cotton Candy danced to “Great Balls Of Fire.” She did a swing style dance with very high energy moves. The background dancers dressed in polka-dotted unitards. She also did a ton of difficult tricks including some flips with the assistance of the background dancers. 

Judges Guesses: Ashley Tisdale thinks that it could be figure skater Tara Lipinski. Ken Jeong thinks that it is Jennifer Lopez under the mask. Guest judge Whitney Cummings thinks it’s Kristi Yamaguchi or Gabi Buttler from Cheer on Netflix. Paula Abdul thinks it’s gymnast Simone Biles. 



Who Is The Exotic Bird?

Clues: The Exotic Bird had a super clue that was a rose tattoo. The words “Legendary” and “XOXO” were spray-painted on a wall. The infamous Bernie Sanders meme was also added to her clue package, probably just for giggles.

Performance: She danced to “Rush” by Lewis Capaldi. It was a gorgeous contemporary number as she stood in a floral archway. Another dancer approached her as they launched into a synchronized routine. At the end of the routine, the other dancer disappeared.  She has been in a music video and a campaign ad before, which was revealed during the rapid-fire session.

Judges Guesses: Ashley thinks it’s Kat Von D under the mask because of the beauty references. Whitney thinks it is Dita Von Teese. Brian thinks it’s model Ashley Graham. Ken hilariously thinks it’s Kate Upton. 


Who Is The Sloth?

Clues: He is not new to the dance floor but the show helped him step out of his comfort zone. One of his clues pointed towards him being a father and having a wife. His super clue was the number 18.

Performance: The Sloth performed a classic Hollywood jazz routine to “Ain’t That A Kick In The Head.” He was joined by several background dancers and they played jazz instruments. The Sloth demonstrated some clear dance and athletic abilities that make it seem like his first performance was all an act. When the judges got to ask rapid fire questions, he revealed he would be an elephant if he wasn’t The Sloth. He also revealed it has been hard being away from his family.

Judges Guesses: Ken is convinced it’s his buddy Bradley Cooper under the mask. Brian thinks it could be John C. Reilly because of the comedy. Ashley thinks it is Sacha Barron Cohen but Paula disagrees.



Who Is The Hammerhead?

Clues: The Hammerhead pointed to a Las Vegas welcome sign during his performance. He also was pictured on a map in between New York and New Jersey, the Eastern Seaboard. His super clue was sunscreen.

Performance: The Hammerhead did a sexy Paso Doble wearing a multicolored cape. He danced with a partner in this steamy routine and embodied the persona of a raging bull. He revealed that he has a good sense of humor and doesn’t have stage fright. He is not scared of being on stage and has had a relationship in the public eye before.

Judges Guesses: Ken thinks that it is Pauly D from Jersey Shore. Paula thinks that it is YouTuber David Dobrik. Brian thinks it could be Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. This also led Paula to think it is Vinny Guadagnino from Jersey Shore.


Who Is The Tulip?

Clues: The Tulip said that she never loved competing. A clue flashed with a bunch of animated judges holding up scorecards. There was also a phone with a video playing. The super clue was an annual mother-daughter dance.

Performance: The Tulip danced to Ariana Grande’s “Thank U Next.” This sassy routine was full of spunk and made it clear she has prior dance experience. After asking the rapid-fire questions, the judges learned she has never thought about retiring and she is a pro at memorizing dialogue. She said running out of battery on her phone is a big problem, pointing to her being a social media star.

Judges Guesses: Ken thinks that it is actress Sarah Hyland under the mask. Brian feels like it has to be Simon Biles. Whitney thinks it is Julianne Hough underneath the mask.


Who Is The Zebra?

Clues: The Zebra said he has had two left feet even before he became The Zebra. He is also claustrophobic so this show is way out of his comfort zone. A major clue was an “E” written on a graham cracker.

Performance: The Zebra kept the Latin theme going with a performance to “Mi Gente.” He danced with a partner to the fast-paced song and they definitely brought the flavor. After the rapid fire round, the judges learned he has acted before and he is known for his hook.

Judges Guesses: Whitney guessed it is LL Cool J under the mask. Brian thinks it’s Oscar De La Hoya while Paula still thinks it could be Floyd Mayweather.


Who Was Unmasked Tonight?

The Hammerhead received the least amount of votes tonight and will be revealed. Before he is unmasked, the judges got a chance to ask a few last-minute questions. They learned that he is a fan of working out and is taller than Ken. He has only ever done a little standup comedy. The Hammerhead revealed that he has been to New Jersey and is a lover of social media.

Both Ken and Whitney think it is DJ Pauly D from Jersey Shore. Ashley thinks it is Kevin Hart because of the small stature. Brian also stuck with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. Paula is sticking with her guess of David Dobrik.

The Hammerhead was revealed to be…Vinny Guadagnino from Jersey Shore! So the judges weren’t too far off with their guesses and were definitely on the right track. He has a residency in Las Vegas at Chippendales which explains all of the Vegas clues. The wedding cake clue is a nod to his fake marriage to co-star Pauly D. He was certainly a fierce competitor on the show.


Who do you think will win this season of The Masked Dancer?

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