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‘The Masked Dancer’ Group A Playoffs + A Singing Legend Is Revealed!


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It’s getting down to the wire on The Masked Dancer and everyone is really upping their game! Tonight’s episode saw even more exciting performances as the contestants vie to make it to the Super 6. Keep reading to find out who was unmasked.


Make sure to check out last weeks recap show to find out the identity of The Exotic Bird.

Who Is The Exotic Bird?

Clues: The Exotic Bird said that she got sick before the biggest moment of her life. But, her mama bird was there to help her. There was a shiny gold football trophy in the clue package. There was also a slice of apple pie on a plate that The Exotic Bird was holding. She called her life a roller coaster ride and the dance will match that tonight.

Performance: She danced to “Latch” by Disclosure and Sam Smith. The background dancers all held umbrellas and she had some iconic solo moments. The dance was spunky and full of power. Her one-word clue after the performance was “number one.”

Judges’ Guesses: Paula Abdul thinks it’s Jordin Sparks because her father played professional football. Guest judge Rob Lowe guessed that it is Kate Hudson. Brian Austin Green guessed that it is rapper Megan Thee Stallion because of the use of the word “savage” in the clue package. Ken Jeong is convinced it is Janet Jackson under the mask.


Who Is The Cricket?

Clues: He got his start and his big break in the 90s. The clue package showed him on a podium with a few medals. The word “Super Phone” was on top of a phone booth and he made a call. A button on an elevator panel with “PH” written on it was then pressed. There were also several references to a pool and swimming. The last part of the clue package focused on a constellation in the night sky.

Performance: This fun-filled performance to “This Is How We Do It” showed off The Cricket’s swag. The background dancers were wearing clocks on their faces and wore colorful suits. His one-word clue after the performance is “all-star.”

Judges Guesses: Paula guessed that it was Brian McKnight. Ken feels like it’s an athlete like Michael Phelps. Brian thinks it’s also a swimmer but is leaning more towards Ryan Lochte.

Who Is The Hammerhead?

The Hammerhead’s clue package focused on an eye chart. He started off in the public eye with one chance to impress people. His main dream was to become a lawyer. A book was highlighted in the clue package. The Hammerhead stood inside of a fish tank and a woman wore a jersey with the number one on it.

Performance: The Hammerhead danced to “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd. At the beginning of the performance, The Hammerhead held a giant rose prop. He was surrounded by female dancers. He flashed a few dance moves from a viral TikTok dance. His one-word clue after the performance was “heartbreaker.”

Judges Clues: Ken thinks that it is Ryan Seacrest because of the television references. Brian thinks that it could be Joe Rogan and Rob agreed with him. Paula thinks it’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino because of the muscles and the word “situation” in the clue package.


Who Is The Tulip?

Clues: The Tulip said that it is hard keeping the secret of being on the show from her best friend. The first clue was a pyramid. She made several TikTok references. There was also an eclipse of the moon in the background as she talked about how she wants to evoke emotion.

Performance: The Tulip danced a romantic lyrical dance to “Fields Of Gold.” She started off the routine on the floor and then was joined by a partner. She demonstrated flexibility and balance. And of course, she ended the routine with her traditional heel click. Her one-word clue after the performance was “princess.”

Judges Guesses: Paula thinks it is Kristen Bell because of the references to the movie Frozen. Ashley thinks it is Charli D’Amelio from TikTok. Brian is leaning more towards it being a gymnast. He guessed that it is Simone Biles. Rob said that this is not his lane so he thinks it is also Charli.

Who Was Revealed On ‘The Masked Dancer’?

After a great round of dancing, The Cricket received the least amount of votes. Before he could be revealed, the judges got to ask some last-minute questions. We learned that he has been famous for a long time and he has won an award before. He is not known for a multitude of things and he does have children.

Ashley is confident that it is Ashton Kutcher because of his film experience. Ken is still convinced it is Michael Phelps because of the clues that reference swimming. Brian is convinced it is Ryan Lochte. Rob agreed that it could be Ryan. Paula thinks it is Brian McKnight.


And the celebrity underneath The Cricket mask is…legendary singer Brian McKnight. The knight in the clue package was an obvious reference to his last name. The clocks that the background dancers were wearing are a reference to his song “Back At One.” Were you shocked to find out The Cricket’s identity?

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