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The Human Fountains Make a Splash on ‘Got Talent: All-Stars’ Earning The Golden Buzzer

Human Fountains on Spain's Got TalentYa Es Producciones via Instagram

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In a recent episode of Spain’s Got Talent: All-Stars 2023, the renowned comedy group, the Human Fountains, captivated the audience and judges with their unique water spitting act. Despite an initial mixed reception, their performance took an unexpected turn, leading to a surprising outcome that left everyone astounded.

The Human Fountains Received The Golden Buzzer on Got Talent: All-Stars

Spain’s Got Talent: All-Stars recently witnessed an unforgettable and unexpected performance by the one and only Human Fountains. Known for their remarkable water spitting routines, this talented comedy group left the audience in awe as they took the stage to showcase their distinctive act once again.

As the Human Fountains introduced themselves and commenced their act, the enigmatic judge Risto Mejide couldn’t hide his skepticism. Moments into their performance, he buzzed the act, seemingly unimpressed by their antics. However, the remaining two female judges and guest judge Carlos Areces saw the potential and joy in the act, and their enthusiasm grew with every water-spitting moment.

The Human Fountains proved their mettle by showcasing their signature synchronized fountain routine, leaving the audience and the supporting judges captivated. The humor, precision, and surprising elements of their act were met with cheers and applause from the crowd, creating an electrifying atmosphere in the auditorium.

To the delight of everyone present, Areces, a special guest judge for the episode, was so enthralled by the Human Fountains’ performance that he decided to join them on stage. Fearless and eager, Areces embraced the watery spectacle, spitting water alongside the group into the air and even engaging in mouth-to-mouth water exchanges.

The climax of the performance arrived when Areces descended from the stage and immediately pressed the coveted Golden Buzzer. With this prestigious recognition, the Human Fountains secured their place in the next round of Spain’s Got Talent: All-Stars, moving one step closer to their ultimate dream.


The Human Fountains Wowed On Other Got Talents

The Human Fountains first caught the attention of audiences on America’s Got Talent during Season 13. Their audition featured a water-spitting act set to “My Heart Will Go On.” Although they received a buzz from Simon Cowell, they managed to impress Howie Mandel, Mel B, and Heidi Klum, earning enough votes to advance to the Judge Cuts round.

The group continued their pursuit of talent show success by participating in Season 14 of La France A Un Incroyable Talent. While their journey on the show eventually came to an end in the Semifinals, their presence left a memorable impression.

The Human Fountains’ ability to surprise and delight audiences have earned them a dedicated following across various talent shows. Their talent and comedic prowess continue to captivate viewers, making them a standout act wherever they perform.

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