The 10 Coolest Multimedia Acts In ‘AGT’ History

Jill O'Rourke
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In recent years, multimedia acts have gotten pretty big on AGT. These performances have harnessed the power of technology to create stunning dance routines, puppet shows, and cinematic stories on the America’s Got Talent stage.

We’ve seen this trend continue in the current season, so let’s look back at some of the coolest examples from years past. Several of these acts made it pretty far in the competition, and have since left a lasting impression.

Light Balance

What could be cooler than a group of dancers wearing light-up costumes? This impressive act made it to third place in Season 12 of AGT, after receiving the Golden Buzzer from host Tyra Banks. They returned for AGT: The Champions earlier this year, and this season new act Light Balance Kids is making a splash.

Front Pictures

This projection act was like virtual reality on a grand scale. Dancer Konstantin Tomilchenko appeared on stage in the midst of what could be movie scenes or video game levels. The act made it to the Semifinals of Season 13 as a wildcard, and finished the competition with an epic outer space scene.

Blue Journey

This dance duo made it to the Top 12 in Season 9 of AGT with their surrealist projection act. Their performances involved the dancers interacting with shadows and images as they performed. Judge Mel B called it “dream-like” and “graceful.”

Freelusion Dance Company

This creative dance group made it to the Semifinals in Season 10 with their epic videomapping performances. What made it even cooler was that they told a continuing story from week to week.

Lightwire Theater

Dinosaurs with lightsabers? Why not? This light-up puppetry act made it happen in Season 7, making it all the way to the Semifinals. Other performances from the season featured puppets which resembled birds and trees.


This Japanese dance group made it to the Semifinals in Season 10 with their projection act. It was difficult to tell where the technology ended and the dancers began. During Judge Cuts, guest judge Piers Morgan was so impressed by the performance that he hit the Golden Buzzer.

Freckled Sky

This dance duo made it to the Quarterfinals of Season 10, after judge Howard Stern hit the Golden Buzzer for their audition. The performance combined projection, dance, and water elements. “That’s the kind of thing I’m looking for,” Howard told them.

Sila Sveta

This dance duo made it to the Quarterfinals of Season 11 with their interesting videomapping act. Their audition told the story of Sleeping Beauty with stunning projections as the dancers moved against both the wall and floor.

UDI Dance

This blacklight dance group from Siberia made it to the Quarterfinals of Season 13. During their audition, the dancers’ hands became birds and leaves on a tree. They later competed on Britain’s Got Talent, where they made it to 10th place.

Kenichi Ebina

This dancer won Season 8 of AGT. Although his audition just involved him showing off his amazing moves on stage, later performances incorporated projections and lasers. He returned for AGT: The Champions earlier this year and inserted himself into a giant video game.

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