Texas Couple Has An Adorable Virtual Wedding On Zoom Due To COVID-19 [VIDEO]


Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. However, COVID-19 has canceled a lot of people’s weddings and put plans on hold for most couples. Doug and Jami Adams were still determined to make their wedding happen despite this deadly pandemic. They just had to get creative with a little help from Zoom.

COVID-19 Has Kept The Couple in Quarantine Away From Their Families

For Doug and Jami, being in quarantine was the clarity they needed to realize that they did not want to wait to get married. They were originally slated to get married on May 23 but felt like COVID-19 would delay that from happening. They have never lived together before, so they are spending a lot more time together now in quarantine. It was one of the reasons they decided to get married. “Most people don’t start their married life in quarantine where they’re stuck together for a majority of the day,” she said. They both agreed that it’s been amazing spending so much time together as they have gotten to learn more about each other.


It led them to come up with a plan to get married in their living room so that all of their friends and family could watch on Zoom. Zoom is a video conferencing platform that has become a prime way of communication during this worldwide pandemic. Simply put, Zoom brings people together which is exactly what it did for this happy couple’s wedding. Their living room also happens to be the place that they got engaged. It is definitely now their most favorite room in the house!

They Are Thrilled By Their Decision To Get Married At Home

Jami posted the following adorable picture from the day of the wedding. She included the caption, “Last Friday I married my best friend. In our living room, of course. We are so grateful for today’s technology to allow our families to join us. Although the circumstances are not ideal, we couldn’t be happier. We cannot wait to celebrate with our friends and family in August!” The pair hope to have a bigger wedding celebration later this summer once the pandemic is over.

The couple got engaged on Valentine’s Day and planned to only be engaged for three months before they tied the knot. They were eager to marry each other and start the next chapter of their lives. This was definitely a unique way to do it. They brought their pastor and one of their friends who is a photographer into their home and they were all set. The couple sent the Zoom link out and were happy to see that their families were all very supportive of their decision to get married this way.


They Weren’t The Only Couple To Get Married On Zoom

New Jersey couple Jeff and Megan Dugan were forced to cancel their wedding due to COVID-19. But, they were able to quickly plan a Zoom wedding so they could get married on their original wedding date. They were able to get their pastor to come to their home and sent out a Zoom link so all of their friends and family could virtually attend their wedding. they also plan to have another bigger wedding celebration when quarantine is over. Another Michigan couple followed suit and had a Zoom wedding. They were just happy that they did not have to make a seating chart!

More and more couples are opting for these safe weddings during a time where we are all urged to practice social distancing.

It’s so nice to see that even in times like these, love is what brings people together. Have you been invited to any Zoom weddings yet? They seem like a truly unique experience.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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