Brooke Burke Reveals The Easy Workout Keeping Her Fit In Her 40s

Brooke Burke Reveals The Easy Workout Keeping Her Fit In Her 40sPhoto by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

There’s not much up for debate, Brooke Burke looks incredible for a woman in her 40s. The TV personality and Dancing With the Stars season 7 winner recently shared her key to staying in shape. It’s as easy as walking a mile in her shoes. Or any shoes really, just go walk. The simple exercise is taken for granted but Burke speaks highly of its benefits. Looking at her results, perhaps it’s time to consider some new walking shoes.

A Toned Bod, One Step At A Time

Brooke Burke, 49, recently told about her workout routine during the lockdown. With gyms and studios less accessible during the pandemic, it’s been a challenge to get our workouts in. Her suggestion is both easy to do and gets us outside. Burke suggests that even just 20 minutes a day, walking can help keep the weight off and aid our mental health. She urges that we “don’t get in a pandemic rut” and to just get our bodies moving.

Brooke Burke works out both body and mind

Burke shares that she includes various exercises into her workout routine and taking a 45-minute walk is a part of it. The Skechers spokesperson admits they’re blessed with Southern California’s good weather but has a simple suggestion for others to get in the mood. “Just get up, put your shoes on and get out there. Once you have your shoes on you tend to get in the mindset for a walk.” Worth a try in a northeast winter. 

Walking Is More Than Just Exercise For Brooke Burke

The idea of walking for fitness probably doesn’t appeal to all who are fitness enthused. You can’t see results fast enough if any at all, some might say. That’s not the only thing to be gained though and Burke helps outline some things walking provides that your leg and abs day won’t. 

Burke enjoys walking anywhere and everywhere, resulting in varied benefits. She gets a chance to socialize with neighbors as she marches through her neighborhood. Her family is often walking alongside, giving them time to catch up. She adds “it’s nice to talk and walk with my kids with no devices.” 

For Burke walking serves as her escapism. Along with the physical and mental gains, it’s great to just disconnect for a little. She tells she’ll use the time to listen to audiobooks or music but “sometimes silence is the best to reset.”


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