Terry Fator’s Best Performances on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Terry Fator on 'America's Got Talent''America's Got Talent'

Tracing the long history of America’s Got Talent, singing ventriloquist Terry Fator is definitely one of the originals that fans would not forget. His acts never once failed the audiences, and we totally understand why.

Let’s look back on Terry Fator’s best acts in the competition, from audition to special performances.

1. AGT Season Two Audition

Terry’s first audition consisted of impersonating Etta James. He sang “At Last” through one of his puppets, Emma Taylor. This impressive performance has quickly made him one of the favorites in the series.

2. AGT Season Two Finale

During his second Final Four act in season two, Terry performed with his turtle puppet, Winston. They sang “Crying” by Roy Orbison. Such groundbreaking act took him to the Finale of the competition where he successfully emerged victorious.

3. AGT Season Eight Guest Performance

Back in season eight of AGT, Terry returned for a special guest performance, thus showcasing his ageless ventriloquism skills. This time, he uniquely combined singing, comedy, and celebrity impressions. He performed with puppets Vikki The Cougar and Country Legend Walter T. Airdale.

4. AGT Season 11 Holiday Show

During AGT’s live Christmas Special, Terry Fator grabbed the opportunity to introduce one of his puppets, Elvis Impersonator. Together, they have beautifully sang “A Blue Christmas” by Elvis Presley, melting the hearts of their viewers.

5. AGT Season 12 Guest Performance with Darci Lynne

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a legendary ventriloquism duo, Terry and Darci Lynne will definitely make a good match. Back in 2017, the two returned for a spectacular performance, making both of their puppets cutely interact.

6. AGT Season 17 Finale with Darci Lynne and Celia Munoz

Last year, Darci Lynne and Celia Munoz joined Terry for an ventriloquist act. The three sang “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. There’s no word to describe such performance but epic.

7. AGT All Stars 2023 Season One

Bringing himself back in the competition for AGT All-Stars, Terry’s Preliminary performance proved that he’s a legendary AGT champion. His act consisted of his puppet Winston singing “The Prayer” as Andrea Bocelli. He afterwards brought his puppet version of Elton John to sing “Rocket Man” as a duet with Winston impersonating Dua Lipa. The reactions of both the judges and audience are priceless.

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