Terry Crews, Rebecca King Crews Release New Audiobook “Stronger Together”

Terry Crews Stronger TogetherRiyanka S | Talent Recap

The 52-year-old former NFL player discussed his new audiobook on marriage titled Stronger Together that he co-authored with his wife Rebecca King Crews while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Watch Terry Crews Talk About 30 Years of Marriage, Porn Addiction

Crews, 52, played for six years in the NFL in the 1990s before launching a career as an actor. He has appeared in dozen of movies, including “White Chicks,” “Bridesmaids,” and “The Expendables” and its sequels. He also had a recurring role on the TV series “Everybody Hates Chris” and has been featured in several Old Spice commercials.

The Brooklyn Nine Nine actor on Wednesday shared on Jimmy Kimmel Live how this idea to write an audiobook came to him while on a conference in Vietnam where he dived into themes of positivity and motivation. A woman attending the conference asked how his marriage survived despite all the chaos?

Crews deferred to wife Rebecca, who he has been married to since 1990, to answer how their relationship survived from her point of view!

“We always have this male side and female side, but when both of us tell the story at the same time, it’s like watching it in 3-D because there is two different perspectives,” said Crews. “We got to let people know what this is like. That you are stronger together. That you are better off making it. If you can make it work, try.”

Crews Talks About Inspiration Behind the Name of the Audiobook

Later in the interview, he spoke about how the political environment in the country shaped the title of his audiobook, “Stronger Together.”

“We saw what was happening in the country. We are stronger this way. Republican, democrat, male, female, black, white, asian, hispanic and everybody we noticed, there became these camps. It was almost like a willful segregation,” he said.

“We decided this is what we have to talk about right now. There is a way to make things work but we got to do the effort. We got to make it happen,” he continued.

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Crews shared in a series of videos about how his previous porn addiction consumed him and threatened his marriage, and how he had to go to rehab to eventually overcome it. Crews also took to Instagram Live to share his story to talk about how the masses are stuck inside due to the ongoing Coronavirus epidemic and more people are turning to pornography for a dopamine hit.

For now, fans are delighted that he and his wife are going strong in their 30-year-old marriage game with five children.

Crews also played Name That Famous Celebrity with Corinne Foxx and Jimmy Kimmel Live superfan Yehya. Crews and Foxx were blindfolded while Yehya tried to describe a random selected celebrity. They had to guess which Hollywood star Yehya was talking about in order to earn points and ended the game in a tie.



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