Talentino’s Diary: Entry 8 – Darci Lynne Is Coming Back To ‘AGT’!

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Mel and I were cleaning up after a shoot the other day when we discovered Talentino’s diary. Luckily, he was out on a coffee run so we were quickly able to get a copy of some pages. Some might say that this is an invasion of privacy…those people need to calm down. He’s a puppet. We will regularly be posting excerpts from his diary on the site.

Dear Diary,

News came on Friday that Darci Lynne Farmer, who as we all know won America’s Got Talent last season, is coming back this week for the first live show. This is awesome news because, of course, she’s great. But my question is: Will Petunia be with her? Look, I love all of Darci’s friends. Oscar the Mouse is ridiculously talented and Edna Doorknocker is the drunk filthy grandma I always wanted. But Petunia is…well…she’s on a different level. 

When I interviewed her she told me she isn’t allowed to date because she’s too young. I respect that and am willing to wait. She’s worth it. For now, I’m happy to just be friends and to see her perform would make my day. No, my week. No, my month. No…my fiscal quarter. Here’s hoping!


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Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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