‘Survivor’ Recap: Extortion Advantage Shakes Up The Game

Survivor Extortion AdvantageSamantha Agate | Talent Recap

This week’s episode of Survivor started off with a bang. One player absolutely dominated this episode and found the hidden immunity idol. Plus, a new advantage was introduced that came at a hefty price. Find out who found this advantage and who was voted out of the game and sent to the Edge of Extinction.

Two Players Search For A Hidden Immunity Idol

This week’s episode starts off with Jeremy Collins back at camp waiting for his tribemates to come back from tribal council. If you remember, he left last week’s tribal council after he used the secret advantage that allowed him to be excluded from the vote. Ben Driebergen reveals that initially Jeremy was supposed to be voted out. Tony Vlachos and Nick Wilson bump into each other that night trying to find the hidden immunity idol. Who is the lucky person to find it? It’s Tony! This guy is on a roll. Everyone is starting to realize that Tony might be a threat and is playing both sides. 

Over on the Edge of Extinction, Natalie Anderson and Parvarti Shallow find a clue. They don’t tell any of the other players about it. They walk around searching for something but they do not know exactly what they are looking for. Parvarti distracts the other contestants while Natalie finds the advantage. They found the “extortion advantage.” They can choose any player to sit out of the immunity challenge. They can extort that person for any amount of fire tokens. And of course, you guessed it, they gave it to……Tony. It prohibits him from voting at tribal council unless he meets the demands for fire tokens.

They asked for six tokens but Tony only has three. Jeremy gives Tony one fire token. Nick also gives Tony a fire token and Ben gives him the last one. Tony did not quite understand that it was a negative advantage at first but he pays the fee and can now participate in the immunity challenge.


The Immunity Challenge Turns Into A ‘Survivor’ Showdown

The immunity challenge is all about touch. The players must stand on a balance beam and hold a ten-foot poll. With this pole they must balance a small statue. If the statue drops, they’re out. Every couple of minutes they will move farther down the balance beam away from the statue. Kim drops her statue almost immediately and everyone else makes it to the second round.

Denise Stapley, Michele Fitzgerald, Sophie Clarke, Sarah Lacina and Nick drop their statues in round two.  It turns into a showdown between Tony, Ben and Jeremy. They have been up there for 32 minutes which is the longest anyone has ever lasted in this challenge. Ben drops and it’s a showdown between frenemies Tony and Jeremy. The winner of the immunity challenge is…..Tony. He is just dominating this entire episode. 

A Player Is Blindsided At Tribal Council

There seems like there is a general consensus around camp to vote out Jeremy in a blindside. Jeremy wants to vote out Ben and thinks Denise and Kim are voting with him. Michele is also down to vote out Ben. But Tony, of course, has other plans. He wants to blindside Sophie and make a big move. Tony approaches Jeremy and warns him that people are coming after him. Jeremy doesn’t believe him. Did anyone else want to reach into their television and shake Jeremy to get him to listen to Tony? 


The first five votes were for Jeremy and Michele so it looks like one of these two besties will be voted out. But in a shocking turn of events, Sophie is voted out. Tony strikes again!!! Sophie has a hidden immunity idol in her pocket and is so upset that she did not use it. She yielded her 2 fire tokens to Sarah and Kim. It looks like Jeremy trusted Tony, after all, to pull off one of the most iconic Survivor blindsides ever. Sophie is emotional while heading to the Edge of Extinction.


What did you think of this exciting episode of Survivor? It seems like next week the remaining players will be targeting Tony. This should be interesting considering he is running the game right now.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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