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Some JoJo Siwa Fans Are Confused by Her Valentine’s Day Post with Ezra Sosa

JoJo Siwa and Ezra Sosa on Instagram and TikTokEzra Sosa via TikTok, JoJo Siwa via Instagram

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Dancing with the Stars runner-up JoJo Siwa confused some fans on social media after sharing a post themed to Valentine’s Day with her friend Ezra Sosa. While some people thought the pair might actually be a couple, others pointed out that they’re just friends.

JoJo Siwa Shares Valentine’s Day Post with Ezra Sosa

On Tuesday night, Siwa posted an Instagram photo in which she can be seen kissing her friend, DWTS troupe member Ezra Sosa. She also shared a text conversation with Sosa in which they talk about being each other’s valentine.

“I didn’t have a valentine until late last night when bestie westie Ezra texted,” Siwa wrote in the caption, adding, “He’s gonna kill me for posting this picture from tour last year but I had to. Ez is the most supportive of EVERYTHING I do… except my kiss he rated it a 2/10, but he still asked me to be his valentine.”

Siwa ended the post by writing, “Happy Valentine’s Day from your to [sic] favorite gays!!” Meanwhile, Sosa posted a TikTok video with Siwa in which they put their faces close together. He captioned the post, “just so gay for each other.”


Some Fans Were Confused by the Posts

Based on Siwa’s photo and Sosa’s video, some fans seemed to think they were a couple. One Instagram commenter wrote, “I thought she had a gf.” Another wrote, “I thought you were gay.” Others simply commented things like “huh?” and “um…”

Meanwhile, plenty of other commenters pointed to Siwa’s caption to show that the two are just friends. As one commenter wrote, “Some of y’all don’t kiss ur friends and it shows.” Another simply wrote, “Do people not read the captions anymore.”

Other comments were in reply to fans who thought Siwa currently had a girlfriend. They explained that she and her ex, Avery Cyrus, broke up last year. Siwa later implied in a TikTok video that Cyrus had used her for clout.

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