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Some Fans Think Carson Daly is “Pointless” on ‘The Voice’ — Is He Really Doing Enough?

Keith Urban and Carson Daly on 'The Voice' Season 24 FinalePhoto by: Trae Patton/NBC

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Television host Carson Daly has been on The Voice since its debut in 2011. He’s seen hundreds of talented artists get in and out of the competition, and witnessed coaches fight for and with contestants in their team. As the show’s long time host, he’s a staple part of The Voice family.

Even though Daly has been a longtime member of the show, some fans believe he needs to either step away, or do better to maintain his role on the NBC show. This rings the question, is he contributing enough to The Voice?

Some Fans Left Unsatisfied With Carson Daly’s Hosting

In 2011, Daly was hired as part of The Voice‘s original cast. Until 2023, Daly and Blake Shelton fought for the position of longest running original cast member. Daly, obviously, won the race and is the longest running original cast member of the series. Amazingly, The Voice opened doors for Daly, including his first Emmy nomination.

Even though Daly is one of the most known faces of The Voice, some fans think that his role on the competition show is insignificant. Following the show’s recent finale, fans took to Reddit to share that the television host is “so pointless” on The Voice.

“Zero value added. In fact he detracts from it with his homophobia and zero personality. He is the epitome of bland white bread. Unseasoned chicken,” one user wrote.

“I certainly can’t name a moment in all the seasons I’ve watched where Carson has really added anything,” another person wrote.

Be that as it may, many fans came to Daly’s defense, stating that he’s a crucial part of the competition. One user particularly mentioned how Daly projects a genuine character on the show, treating every member of the cast with no ill feeling.

“I like Carson Daly on The Voice. When you think about it he is the only one who isn’t projecting fake animus upon the other coaches,” one user wrote.

Meanwhile, one fan claimed that what Daly’s doing as a host is “super impressive.”

“You might not like his personality but his ability to kill time or to shorten segments or do what needs to be done to keep the show running on time is amazing,” the person commented.

Is It Time for the Music Competition Show to Switch Things Up?

The Voice is not complete without a host to introduce performances and lead the flow of the competition. Carson Daly famously and smoothly does this job. He even has established amazing rapport alongside coaches of the music competition show.

His best buddy, retired coach Shelton, recognized Daly’s awesome significance on the show earlier last year. According to the “No Body” singer, it’s Daly who keeps the show together.

“He is the glue of The Voice. I’ve said that for years,” he said.

The Voice does emphasize the battle between coaches as well as the fight for the championship title, but Daly, I would say, remains to be a solid character on The Voice. That’s not only because a host is a staple on the show, but also because Daly does his job authentically.

Looking into it, his big reactions every time one artist gets a chair turn is a boost both for the contestant and the viewers. Daly also genuinely celebrates alongside the contestant’s families, signifying that he wishes them well.

With the way things are, I personally believe that The Voice doesn’t need to change its host anytime soon. Rather, it must focus on finding ways to make the show’s format more exciting.

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