Shocking Reason Simon Cowell Kicked Contestant Out Of ‘BGT’ After Emotional Performance [VIDEO]

Sian Pattison Britain's Got Talent.Riyanka S | Talent Recap

Sian Pattison, the mother of three won the hearts of everyone after her emotional performance during her auditions on Britain’s Got Talent season 11.

Mom Touches Hearts On Britain’s Got Talent After They Tried To Stop Her

Watch her performance on Britain’s Got Talent

A 31-year-old accounts manager auditioned live with her husband in Warwickshire on Britain’s Got Talent.

Sian told the audience that she was frightened of singing in public and being told that she’s “not very good”. She looked incredibly nervous and shy on stage and it was actually her daughter who registered her on the show.

As Sian started before the performance, her worst nightmare did in fact come true! Simon stopped her mid-way only to say that he has a problem with her song choice.

What came next is the show stopping rendition of Ghost: The Musical’s ‘With You’, bagging her four yeses from Simon Cowell and the other judges.

Judge Alesha Dixon had described the performance as “very moving”, while Amanda almost in tears said, “You’re very lucky, your daughter signed the application form for you.”

Simon commented, “Why I really liked that second song was because you weren’t prepared for it. I really felt we were listening to who you really were. I thought it was great.”

Sian Pattison performing on her YouTube channel

Meanwhile David Walliams added: ‘It was like watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly.’ 

Pattison is trained in voice, musical theatre, piano, keyboard and flute under the London College of Music & The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.


While Sian didn’t make it to the semi-finals as Simon Cowell axed her and acrobats Gao Lin and Liu Xin from Beijing from the show after learning that they were already established professionals in their fields.

This did cause fans to be upset with Simon’s decision as they had already won so many hearts but what can you when the boss man lays down the law.

Sian Pattison on her Youtube channel

Sian Pattison has performed on a host of big stages including at the UK tour of Strictly ABBA and has sang professionally at various private and corporate events for over 15 years before auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent.

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