Savage 7-Year-Old Comedian Humiliates Simon Cowell — Where Is JJ Pantano Now?

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Pint-size kid comedian JJ Pantano came to ‘AGT: Champions’ to absolutely roast the judges. At first, they thought the 7-year-old was going to be a singer when music started blaring over the stage. But, what happened next totally shocked everyone including Simon Cowell. Check out his hilarious audition below that completely humiliated Simon.

JJ Pantano Roasted Simon Cowell And The ‘AGT: Champions’ Judges

JJ previously earned the Golden Buzzer on Australia’s Got Talent and made it to the Semi-Finals. He did not hold back at all on ‘AGT: Champions’ during his roast of the judges. “Did you know that backstage there are five hairdressers, three makeup artists, a wardrobe department and a whole team of nutritionists?” JJ asked. “And that’s just to maintain Simon’s new look.” The crowd was sent into a pool of laughter and Simon was totally trying to hide his look of shock and embarrassment.

“Heidi, my mom told me that you are a Victoria’s Secret supermodel and she showed me one of your videos…but then dad came home from work and we watched all of your videos over and over again” he continued. “Alesha Dixon, you started your career as a singer and sold 42 million albums and won 15 Grammys…oh wait a minute, that’s Alicia Keys.”


“Howie Mandel, I found out that you were in 40 movies in your whole career, 40 movies can you believe it? he asked. “Yeah me neither, I haven’t’ heard of any of them.” He then went after host Terry Crews’ past football career. “Big Terry, for seven years you were a pro footballer and played 32 games,” JJ said. “I’m 7 years old and I’ve played more games than that.” The judges thought his act was absolutely hilarious and gave him a standing ovation.

JJ Made It Through To The Semi-Finals

The judges sent him through to the Semi-Finals in the Judges’ Choice. In the Semi-Finals, JJ once again roasted the judges. “Simon I did find out that you wanna be like cryogenically frozen when you die,” the Australian kid comedian said. “After some of the things you said on the show I’m not sure you can get any colder. Looking at your face now I think you’ve started the process already.” Simon thought this was hilarious. Though he was eliminated in the Semi-Finals of ‘AGT: Champions’, JJ was one of the most memorable acts of the entire competition.

Simon was totally humiliated during JJ’s act. Check out the compilation below to see 10 more performances that left Simon feeling humiliated. You can seriously feel the secondhand embarrassment that Simon felt throughout the video.

Where Is JJ Pantano Now?

JJ was actually brought back to interview all of the ‘AGT: Champions’ judges. He asked Simon about his weight loss. Simon said he gave up eating sweets, so JJ proceeded to eat a cupcake right in front of his face.

The young comedian has made countless talk show appearances full of hilarious moments.

JJ’s talents aren’t limited to just comedy. He recently strutted his stuff on the runway at Kidz Fashion Week.


JJ also released his first single called “They Just Don’t Get It” after being inspired by the fact that the ‘AGT: Champions’ judges thought he was going to be a singer at his audition.


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