It Took A 7-Year-Old Comedian To Call Out Simon Cowell’s New Face

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The internet has been talking about Simon Cowell’s new face for months now, but it took a kid to call him out on it in person. That kid was comedian JJ Pantano, who performed on AGT: The Champions Monday night.

JJ Pantano roasts the “AGT: The Champions” judges.

JJ roasted all the Champions judges, as well as host Terry Crews. Check out his performance below, and read on to find out how Simon responded to the digs about his appearance.

JJ Pantano Roasts Simon Cowell’s Face

When former Australia’s Got Talent contestant JJ Pantano took the stage, the judges expected him to sing. So imagine their surprise when he ended up telling jokes … at their expense!


“Did you know that backstage, there are five hairdressers, three makeup artists, a wardrobe department, and a whole team of nutritionists?” JJ said. “And that’s just to maintain Simon’s new look!”

Last year, Simon made waves on social media with his new face, which left many fans speculating about plastic surgery. Simon has, after all, admitted to getting Botox in the past. It was pretty bold of JJ to point it out right in front of him.

Who moved on to the semifinals of “AGT: The Champions”?

How Did Simon Respond To The Insults?

Simon took the digs very well. And really, who could get mad at a kid as cute and funny as JJ? After the performance, Simon praised him. “I think you’ve got this little star glow going about you,” he said. “The fact you ripped into us, and we all love you, says so much.”


But this was more than just Simon being a good sport. He appears to have genuinely enjoyed JJ’s act, as proven during the results. JJ was one of three acts up for the Judges’ Choice to go to the semifinals.

After the first three judges each voted for a different act, it was up to Simon to choose who went through. He chose JJ over both violinist Brian King Joseph and dog act Christian & Percy. (And we know how much Simon loves dog acts, so that’s saying something.)

It even surprised JJ himself, who posted about the moment on Twitter. We can’t wait to hear what hilarious things he has to say when he performs in the semifinals!


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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