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Ranking Harry Styles’ Best, Most Stylish Looks Ever

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Harry Styles, the multifaceted artist known for his musical talent and bold fashion choices, has become a style icon in his own right. From his days with One Direction to his successful solo career, Styles has continuously pushed the boundaries of fashion with his unique and unforgettable outfits. From classic suits to flamboyant ensembles, let’s take a look at the top 10 most iconic looks that have defined Harry Styles’ fashion journey.

Harry Styles Top 10 Best, Most Stylish Outfits

10. The Love On Tour Pink Whimsy (2021)

Opening his Love On Tour concert series, Styles wowed the audience in a hot pink vest with fringe detailing and matching trousers by Gucci. This whimsical and daring outfit showcased his ability to merge boldness with playfulness, capturing his charismatic stage presence and unique fashion sense.

9. The Dunkirk Premiere (2017)

Making a subtle statement at the premiere of his film Dunkirk, Styles donned a classic double-breasted Gucci suit. While the suit itself was timeless, his choice of red ankle boots with gold embroidery demonstrated his knack for adding unexpected twists to traditional outfits.

8. The Toronto International Film Festival Corduroy Cool (2022)

At the Toronto International Film Festival, Styles effortlessly mixed patterns and textures with a green embroidered jacket, navy corduroy wide-leg pants, and also light pink loafers. This preppy yet unconventional ensemble reflected his ability to create an eclectic, head-turning look.

7. The Grammy Awards Performance Daring Leather (2021)

For his Grammy Awards performance, Styles then took the stage in a daring black leather Gucci suit. The sleek yet rebellious ensemble, combined with his iconic string of pearls, showcased his penchant for mixing classic and edgy elements to create a show-stopping look.

6. The Don’t Worry Darling Photocall (2022)

During the Don’t Worry Darling photocall, Styles demonstrated his love for pinstripe trousers, pairing them with a navy velvet double-breasted blazer, blue collared shirt, and black boots. This refined yet relaxed outfit also epitomized his unique ability to infuse elegance into everyday looks.

5. The BRIT Awards Modern Mandarin Chic (2020)

At the 2020 BRIT Awards, Styles showcased his “grandpa-chic” aesthetic in a Gucci ensemble. The dark brown mandarin collar jacket layered over a purple sweater and blue dress shirt with an oversized white collar then highlighted his ability to effortlessly mix vintage-inspired elements with contemporary styling.

4. The Met Gala Gender-Fluid Extravaganza (2019)

Co-chairing the Met Gala in 2019, Styles certainly stole the show in a custom Gucci ensemble. The sheer frilly blouse, high-waisted pants, heeled boots, chunky rings, and also a single pearl earring challenged traditional gender norms. Emphasizing his commitment to embracing individuality through fashion.

3. The My Policeman Los Angeles Premiere (2022)

For the Los Angeles premiere of My Policeman, Styles then opted for an emerald green Gucci suit. The double-breasted blazer with a silk flower brooch, light green pants, and also white boots exuded a sophisticated yet modern vibe that perfectly aligned with his evolving fashion sensibilities.

2. The Coachella Performance Sequined Extravaganza (2022)

During his Coachella performance, Styles dazzled in a Gucci rainbow sequin jumpsuit. The sparkling ensemble, paired with black boots, chunky rings, and also a cross necklace, epitomized his glam-rock persona and solidified his status as a fashion icon in the music industry.

1. The 63rd Grammy Awards Rainbow Elegance (2021)

At the 63rd Grammy Awards, Styles then turned heads in a colorful patchwork Egonlab jumpsuit adorned with Swarovski crystals. This rainbow-inspired ensemble was a certainly bold statement of individuality and self-expression, perfectly reflecting Styles’ fearless approach to fashion.

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