Past ‘American Idol’ Contestants Return As Auditions Wrap Up

Jill O'Rourke
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American Idol Season 19 returned on Sunday night with another round of amazing auditions. Judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan sent several more singers to Hollywood.

This week’s show featured a few returning contestants from seasons past as auditions wrapped up for the season. Next week, contestants will compete during the infamous Hollywood Week. Check out the night’s auditions below.

WATCH This Week’s ‘American Idol’ Auditions

Madison Watkins

This 25-year-old singer talked about how supportive her father has been to her career. For her audition, she sang an original song she wrote about her dad called “Your Little Girl.” Luke Bryan called her “the whole package.” Katy Perry said she was “what we look for on American Idol.” Madison is going to Hollywood.


Ava August & Liv Grace

Ava and Liv both love Katy Perry. During Ava’s audition, she sang an original song on the piano. Liv performed an acoustic cover of “I Kissed a Girl.” Both singers are going to Hollywood.

Deshawn Goncalves

This singer called music his “saving grace,” as his parents were teenagers when he was born, and his father ended up in jail. He turned things around and graduated at the top of his class. For his audition, Deshawn sang “Everything Must Change” by Nina Simone. Lionel Richie said it was “powerful.” Luke called him a “wonderfully beautiful example.” Deshawn is going to Hollywood.

Tryzdin Grubbs

This singer grew up in an athletic family, and faced bullying. For his audition, he sang “Before You Go” by Lewis Capaldi. The judges thought he needed more confidence. For a second song, Tryzdin sang “Nobody” by James Arthur. Katy encouraged him to believe in himself. Tryzdin is going to Hollywood.

Andrea Valles

This singer performed “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac for her audition. Katy said she “got lost in a daydream” listening to her, not necessarily in a good way. Luke called her an “unpolished diamond.” Andrea sang “Dance Monkey” to further prove herself. The judges voted to send her to Hollywood.


This singer is a registered nurse. He’s the brother of Francisco Martin, who competed on the show last season. Francisco played guitar for Kiko, who sang “10 Years” by Alejandro. Katy said Kiko has “some work” to go, and said no. Lionel voted yes, but Luke voted no, meaning Kiko isn’t going to Hollywood.

Zach D’Onofrio

This former contestant returned to sing “Golden Slumbers” by the Beatles. Katy said she wanted to hear more, so Zach brought his girlfriend, former contestant Catie Turner, into the room. She played guitar as he sang “Falling” by Harry Styles. Lionel said he needs to come out of his shell. Zach is going to Hollywood.


Brianna Collichio

This singer’s TikTok performance went viral and pushed her to audition for the show. Brianna was born with cystic fibrosis, and had to reschedule her audition when she underwent surgery. Brianna sang “Scars to Your Beautiful.” Luke said there were things to work on, but she “knocked it out of the park.” Brianna is going to Hollywood.

Danny Falco

This singer was in a boy band called Kik-It with his best friend. For his audition, Danny sang “You Found Me” by The Fray. Katy said his voice sounded “put on,” and Luke said he wasn’t using his voice “smartly.” The judges voted no to sending Danny to Hollywood.

Colin Jameson

This singer was in the same boy band as Danny Falco. He sang “Six Feet Under” by Billie Eilish. The judges said it was a little too breathy, but Katy said he had “something to work with.” Colin is going to Hollywood.


This singer and her son have been living in a homeless shelter for eight months. For her audition, she sang “One Moment in Time” by Whitney Houston. She brought her son into the room after she sang. The judges voted to send Vahhley to Hollywood.

Steven Paul

This singer ended up performing a duet of “Play Something Country” by Brooks & Dunn with Luke Bryan. Katy said it was “a little hokey.” Luke said it seemed like he was imitating other singers. Steven won’t be going to Hollywood.

Wyatt Pike

This singer has been gigging around his Utah town for years. Wyatt wrote a song for his sister called “Best for You,” which he performed during his audition. “I want more,” Luke said after his performance. Lionel compared him to James Taylor. Wyatt is going to Hollywood.


Jackson Snelling

This singer and his brother both have autism, and their father sadly passed away when they were younger. Jackson sang an original song called “Please Listen.” Katy said he needs more experience, and called him humble. The judges decided he wasn’t ready, and voted not to send him to Hollywood.

Althea Grace

This singer didn’t know she was pregnant with her daughter until seven months in. Her daughter suffered from liver failure and needed a transplant. For her audition, Althea sang an original song called “Saturday Morning.” Lionel said she has a unique voice, but needs to be more confident. Althea is going to Hollywood.

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